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Robert Spencer’s Site Jihad Watch leads the news links with some of the best islam tracking of the apostate  revolution and the most current news in the businessand this is despite being suppressed  from more and more social media platforms as is Church Militant , Life Site,  Crisis and some of the other really good and factual independent traditional Catholic news sources .  _

While it is true that Mr. Spencer has left the Church for Eastern Orthodoxy due to the constant Pope Francis’ destabilizations of our religions his sources and fact checking is stellar and usually ahead of mainstream news reporting of the exact same stories by days

There is also William Kilpatrick that writes for Crisis and other independent Catholic concerns and his Catholic social teaching is stellar and reminiscent of the hundreds of years of magisterial teachings and encyclicals on the subject

Paterson, Mew Jersey’s City Council ordinance will allow Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers- On Robert Spencer’s Site


Egypt: Popular music genre Mahraganat “more dangerous than coronavirus,” says parliament spokesman – On Robert Spencer’s Site


UK taxpayers pay $155 million to fund “Palestinian” schools teaching jihad and calling for murder of Jews  -On Robert Spencer’s Site


Mozambique: Muslims murder at least 700 people and displace over 100,000 since 2017 –  On Robert Spencer’s Site


Nigeria: Former Minister says Obama, Kerry, Hillary Clinton helped enable Muslim persecution of Christians: –  On Robert Spencer’s Site


Muslim terrorists attack Nigerian town, 60 motorbikes and 20 mounted gun trucks, destroying churches and forcing residents to flee | News | LifeSite


A Heretic James Kalb comments on another heretic Bishop Hebda on article on Islam to which neither one know, understand , nor are faithful to the perennial teachings of Roman Catholicism on Islam

One, Holy, Catholic and… Islamophobic? – Crisis Magazine


“Pig Ebola” Is Now Running Wild In Indonesia, And It Has Already Killed About One-Fourth Of The World’s Pigs – On End Of The American Dream ( Engineered By Islamic Scientists And The Muslims Hatred of Pigs and Pig Meat)


Wall Street Journal praises book about Islam’s glorious past, whitewashes its brutality and inhumanity France: –  On Robert Spencer’s Site

https://www.jihadwatch.org/2020/02/wall-street-journal-praises-book-about-islams-glorious-past-whitewashes-its-brutality-and-inhumanity France: Two mosques shut down for preaching jihad, 63 others under surveillance –  On Robert Spencer’s Site


Florida: 17-year-old boy converts to Islam, slits throat of 13-year-old, killing him for mocking his new religion –  On Robert Spencer’s Site


Saudi government notes that Muslim Brotherhood worked with Nazis during World War II – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Iran’s Salami: ‘Impotent’ Israel Within Range of Iranian Attack – On Breitbart


‘Fake Imam’ Sentenced to Six Years for Sexually Abusing Minors – The Man told victims they would undergo a ‘rite of purification.’  justifying it through the Koran – On Breitbart


Sweden: Muslim migrant gets 75 hours community service for rape of 13-year-old girl – On Robert Spencer’s Site


France: Former soldier converts to Islam, plots jihad massacre at airbase in Évreux – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Democratic Republic of Congo: Muslims murder Christian pastor for refusing to convert to Islam – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Canada: Sharia financing rapidly expanding with increasing Sharia-adherent population – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Afghanistan: Muslims shoot female athlete’s dog, “they said I was a girl and have no right to keep dogs” On Robert Spencer’s Site


UK counterterror top dog: 3000 suspected jihadis and “we simply cannot watch all of them”-  On Robert Spencer’s Site


Scotland: The Most Popular Name for Rapists is Mohammed – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Three Churches Burned Down in the Sudan – On FSSPX.News


Three Churches Burned Down in the Sudan – On FSSPX.News


French Bishop Sounds Alarm Over Escalating Attacks on Catholics Bp. Jean-Claude Boulanger spotlights growing fear among faithful but neglects to correctly target the Islamic religion – On CMTV


Democratic Republic of the Congo: Muslims hack 36 civilians to death with machetes – – On Robert Spencers Site


Germany: 130 cities demand more migrants on the grounds of the “right to life” – On Robert Spencers Site


France: Dangerous Muslim migrant camp in Paris cleared for 60th time since 2015- On Robert Spencers Site


UK: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar,” wearing suicide vest, stabs several people in London – – On Robert Spencers’ Jihad Watch


Germany: Muslim migrant sexually assaults two teen girls, threatens to set them on fire – On Robert Spencers Site


Minnesota Catholic Priest Pressured Into Apologies  for Saying Islam Is the ‘Greatest Threat in the World’ On Robert Spencers’ Jihad Watch


Kidnapped Nigerian seminarian confirmed murdered  Christians being abducted, robbed, killed in lawless state – On CNA


ISIS Claims Streatham Attack, Govt Considers New Anti-Terror Measures – On Breitbart


Minn. priest apologizes for homily ‘hurtful’ to Muslims Called Islam ‘greatest threat in world’ to Christianity, U.S. –(Obviously under threat from superiors)   On CNA


Dozens believed dead after attack by Islamic militants in Burkina Faso | World news | The Guardian 


Nigeria: Muslims behead Christian pastor after he refuses to deny Christ and convert to Islam ) – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Another Redefinition Of Marriage Coming – Spain: Court orders pension payments to polygamous Muslim migrant’s two widows – ) – On Robert Spencer’s Site  


Nigeria: Muslims murder 10 loggers who had gone to fetch firewood –  – On Robert Spencer’s Site  


Another Redefinition Of Marriage –  India: Islamic scholars say polygamy and nikah halala based on Qur’an and Hadith, non-Muslims can’t challenge them -) – On Robert Spencer


Prince Charles in Bethlehem: “It breaks my heart” to see Palestinian suffering (Part 2) – On Robert Spencer’s Site  


Polish  Catholic Church celebrating Propaganda Da=y – otherwise known as Islam Day on 26 January. “To overcome prejudice and show true face of Muslims” | AgenSIRTo ‘overcome prejudice, show the true face of Muslims’


The ‘Jesus’ revered by Muslims is not the same Jesus worshipped by Christians as God | 1,400 years ago, Muhammad hijacked Jesus from the gospels.’ |By William Kilpatrick On LifeSite


Syrian Patriarch: Islamic Nations Must Admit Muslim Refugees- Ignatius Youssef slams West’s ‘Machiavellian opportunism’ on migration – On CMTV 


Catholics blind about Islam should read new exposé book – Black Wave By Killatrick On | LifeSite


February 26 – St. Isabel of France – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites