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Audrey Ruth  SAYS READ THIS!  – “” (I’m a DES granddaughter too btw. T-shaped, septate uterus, 5 miscarriages. 2 circumvallate placentas and one partial abruption. Because my maternal grandmother took DES while pregnant with my mother) “”

“”They Called Them Crazy”

Two small pills to keep your baby safe Perfectly safe and harmless, they said
All good mothers do But then they called them hysterical
They called them unglued When the women protested –
“Our wombs had been ravaged And our daughters are damaged”
Yet for half a century they suppressed 4.8 million lives and counting harmed by DES.

They called it a miracle drug, A cure for nerves, a cure for all
“Our research has proved it once and for all” So they called them all crazy,
When mothers took to the streets Cradling their damaged babies born
With missing hands and feet A causal connection they fiercely denied
20,000 defects, 80,000 laid to rest Before we finally knew the truth about Thalidomide.

“It will save hundreds of thousands” they said A cure for every disease and pest!
Douse your home and garden And where your children lay to rest,
A miracle of modern science, trust us, we know best So they called her Crazy Carson
When she began to passionately protest But they said its for “the greater good”
And her warnings they did not heed It was 1972 before we understood The poison effects of DDT.

They said they weren’t addictive No one should be in pain –
Proven safe and effective Were their scientific claims
Until the death toll started climbing And the people starting doubting.
They called the victims addicts They called it psychological
50,000 overdoses but They said they weren’t responsible
20 years of lies and negligence, And 700,000 opioid victims before
They could no longer deny the evidence.

“This new wonder drug is worth every penny Completely safe and effective
We’ve paid for all the studies” So they called the people crazy
When they demanded investigation As to why a medicine meant to heal
Was stopping hearts across the nation They said “the science is settled
We’ve done all the tests, There is no connection between
Our drug and 50,000 deaths.”But until Vioxx was removed from shelves
The people would not rest.

They said, “We’ve finally done it, the greatest achievement of mankind!
We’ve successfully eradicated Every disease that we can find If you love your children line them up,
And follow our advice” But how can we believe you When your history is full of lies?
They call us crazy They call us anti-science The parents in the street
Who stand in noncompliance You say your studies show no evidence of harm
Yet we continue to bury children And carry the injured in our arms.
We have seen the data you bought and paid for To silence all alarm.
You say we must not love our children Quite as much as YOU do
Or we would not dare to question If all your data is true.
True like DES and Thalidomide? True like DDT and Vioxx?
Just like your deadly painkillers And your holy antibiotics?
The only power greater than you Is a parent who has seen the truth.
Now the mothers won’t stop yelling and pounding on the walls
As long as our children are sick and dying We will hold up in your halls
Until we see justice For the crimes you have committed
And the world sees every fact and figure You conveniently omitted
You will hear our voices amplified From the ramparts we will sing

Until not one more child is sacrificed To corporate greed and tyranny.

You can call us all mad You can put us in quarantine
But you will never force us to bow At the altar of your vaccine
You can try to take our rights And divide our land with fear
But we who have seen the light Know your Judgment Day is near
From everywhere we are rising From sea to shining sea —
No longer human commodities We stand in our sovereignty.””

– AG.

*Merck Inc. is the pharmaceutical company responsible for DES, Thalidomide, DDT, Vioxx and most of the vaccines on the US childhood vaccine schedule. Merck has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars for injury and death settlements from thier pharmaceutical products, fines for falsifying data, lying to doctors and regulators and hiding evidence of harmful sife effects. However, a law passed in 1986 exempted Merck and all vaccine manufacturers from liability for any injury caused by any vaccines that it produces.

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