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Our Lady of the Grand Return: A Story of Hope for our Times – TFP.org It represented the beginning of a rebirth of the French Medieval Catholicism with its crusading spirit and the rejection of the French Revolution and all its errors.


Young men of the French Boy Scouts, barefoot in the spirit of penance, carry Our Lady of the Grand Return in Paris, February 1946.

Our Lady of the Grand Return: A Story of Hope for our Times

The Counter-Revolution Is An Essential Condition for Authentic Progress – Pt.3 On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Fighting The Revolution On The Ground

Catholic conference in Rome to defend purity as ‘antidote against every evil we are up against’ | News | LifeSite Purity is an antidote to ‘abortion, gender ideology, attacks on marriage, IVF technology, pornography, and sex education,’ said an organizer of the upcoming Rome Life Forum.


Hundreds of Slovaks urge gov’t at prayer rally to not ratify pro-gay ‘marriage’ European agreement | News | LifeSite Slovakian TFP On the March


A Catholic Dress & Style Guide – On Crisis Magazine

As radical gender ideology would have it, femininity and masculinity are no more than opposite poles of the fluid continuum of gender identities. Gender becomes a decision or a provisional experiment. Formerly a defining feature of our identity as men and women, sex, linguistically, now refers to mere physical characteristics and preferences that can be modified at will.

Clothing is a powerful signifier of sexual identity. Fashion matters as an external marker of our femininity or masculinity.


Europe’s slide into destruction is a grim preview for America | The process that brought about the death of Judeo-Christian culture in Europe, is now being replicated in America. | LifeSite


Hungarian PM Sees Sky Through Europe’s Gloom Viktor Orbán: ‘Hungary Before All Else, God Above Us All’ – On CMTV


From The Recent Archives – Freemasonry In Politics vs. Tradition & Culture Opposition | TCE |


The Ghost of Howard Zinn and the Demise of Catholic Education- Catholic universities reeling after decades of leftist assault – On CMTV


Watch – Q Drop, The 16 Year Plan 7 Minutes Focused on only 16 year plan to Destroy America – On YouTube


Why Red Flag Laws Should Raise Red Flags -Disarm The Public In Preparation For The Coming Civil War – On The American TFP


Why We Must Keep the U.S. Defense Pact With the Philippines – By James R. Bascom On TFP.org


Watch Millennial Millie  The Deep State In The US Is Totally Flanked! – On YouTube As soon as President Trump was acquitted, the tables turned quickly on the Deep State. In less than 48hrs, all the linchpins were pulled from the restraints keeping the Trump administration from fulling operating


On the International Front The Fight Against The Freemasonic Left


The Battle Against Socialism For Climate Change

100th Anniversary of Jacinta Marto’s Repose – FSSPX.News


What Happened At Fatima Was Real