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Watch – Cardinal Zen offers Mass, and a war cry for the Church | A LifeSite videographer’s reflections on meeting Cardinal Joseph Zen LifeSite

Locals seen featured including Father Pasley & Lou Rossino from Mater Ecclesiae, Carlos& Maria Delarama , Pat O’Boyle , from Jersey City and others from Connecticut and Holy Innocents and Mount Carmel NYC @ The Dominican Jewel Of St Vincent Ferrer NYC this past Saturday February 15th 2020

https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/cardinal-zen-offers-mass-and-a-war-cry-for-the-church   Via You Tube –  ‘A true Apostle’: Cardinal Zen offers Mass in NYC, gives voice to the suffering Church –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Glv2gMR9FcI&feature=emb_logo

Watch – Cdl. Zen Celebrates Traditional Liturgy -‘We are in the face of a mystery’- On CMTV



  • LEPANTO III: Don John of Austria has set his people free! And we can be sure that present at this Mass are those saints known and unknown for whom this Mass was the center of their lives as Catholic Christians, who  understood this Mass as the center and womb of Western culture, for this is the Mass of St. Gregory the Great, of St. Benedict, of St. Dominic, of St Francis, of St Catherine of Siena, of St. Charles Borromeo, of St Teresa of Avila,  of St. Martin de Porres, of St John Henry Newman, as well as the Mass of St John XXIII, this Mass celebrated here in this magnificent church that is a glorious embodiment of the faith not only of the saints but also those myriad of Catholics for whom this Mass was the center of their lives, who understood this Mass as the glorious and life-giving re-presentation of the Sacrifice of the Cross of Jesus Christ for the living—for you and me- and for the dead—that is, for the whole Church. – St Pius V Pray For Us
  • https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2020/02/lepanto-iii-don-john-of-austria-has-set.html?_sm_au_=iVV2v6t67N0fB7BFkRvMGK3JRp2ft

The resistance – the counter revolution and the restoration all rolled into one

Watch Michael Matt On The APOSTOLIC EXPLOITATION: Post-Amazon Damage Control – On The Remnant Newspaper –

With America apparently ready for a homosexual president and a Frist Gentleman in the White House, Michael Matt discusses the downward moral spiral of Western Civilization since the close of the Second Vatican Council.


Sexagesima: The Most Beautiful Epistle of the Year, Explained by St Pius X – “The Lord will never abandon His heritage” On Rorate Caeli


More Tradition Is For The Young Photoposts

A Younger Generation Rises To Repair What Our Previous Generation Protestantized , Tore Down and Let In The Wolves

Issues In The Fight For Sacred Tradition

The Culture and tradition

From Our Holy Priests

In this particular year at sea, only one “holy helo” run was made by a Catholic chaplain, who was attached to a carrier—my ship. To put this into perspective, my fellow Catholic sailors received the Eucharist—the source and summit of the Christian life—on one out of those 365 days.

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February 18 – Charlemagne’s envoy to the pope – St. Angilbert – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


February 18 – Blessed Fra Angelico brought part of heaven to earth – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


The Crucifixion by Bl. Fra Angelico in the Convento di San Marco, Florence.

The Coronation of Our Lady By Fra Angelico