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Querida Amazonia , which reporters “in the free Catholic press” have taken to tagging the Queer Amazon document is further planned revolution in a quishy washy costume

Pope Francis Encyclical   “Make the river your blood…Then plant yourself, blossom and grow: let your roots sink into the ground forever and ever, and then at last become a canoe, a skiff, a raft, soil, a jug, a farmhouse and a man”.

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Pope grants approval to further renovate the novus ordo with liturgical dancing and tribal rites is given

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The pope wrote that it is ‘possible to take up an indigenous symbol in some way, without necessarily considering it as idolatry’


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Vatican officials: ‘Querida Amazonia’ is magisterium  And the final document of the Amazon synod is not – On CNA – Disclaimer Yet neither is true because what is the magisterium of the Church is only what has been taught by Popes Saints and Catechisms over hundreds and hundreds of years , otherwise known as the “eternal” magisterium of the Church which is Infallible and what makes the “insitutation” of the Church Divine in union with the Divinity of Christ are Savior THAT is the unwearable teaching of Roman Catholicism what is expressed in the above is not


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