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A MUST WATCH  – DONALD TRUMP: Vatican Public Enemy No. 1 – The Remnant Newspaper TV Via YouTube

From the Editor’s Desk, Michael Matt covers the latest Vatican attack on President Donald Trump. 

Team Francis kicked off this election year with a Vatican conference that targeted Trump by name and the United States in general as THE number one impasse to the construction of the globalists’ new world order. Why is the pontificate of Pope Francis so popular with everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Jeffrey Sachs and Hillary Clinton, and why do they need the Vatican to help them defeat Donald Trump in 2020? Why does Trump matter so much?

Startling new video of a Vatican conference targeting Trump will leave no doubt that, where Francis is concerned, the most pro-life president in history is public enemy number one. Also tonight, is Benedict XVI still pope? What’s with the strange spectacle of two men in white in the Vatican, and is it possible for Catholics to stay united against Francis even if they disagree over whether Benedict is the villain or hero of the story? On the Link ->


Acb Sorondo Gives Communion to Fernandez & Concubine – – The  Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Archbishop Sanchez Sorondo, celebrated a Mass in a chapel close to St. Peter’s bones in the Vatican Basilica basement. celebrated a Mass in a chapel close to St. Peter’s bones in the Vatican Basilica basement and then committed Sacrilege  – On Tradition In Action


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The Battle For The Vatican And Its  Relentless Anti-Catholic Campaign

A Royal Papacy – By Chilton Williamson, Jr. On Crisis Magazine The distinction between the two types of encounter is basic, and should be eminently clear to all participants in public ecclesiastical events. But it is not clear, not even to the Pope himself. The reason has to do with what the Vatican has allowed the papacy to become since Vatican II when the attempt began to bring His Holiness and his office into the modern world—the world of international celebrity and the immanent and popular spectacle appropriate to media celebrity—in preference to allowing it to remain fixed, dignified, and secure within the bounds of Old World ceremony, deference, and distance. In this respect, the difference between the pre- and post-conciliar papacies reflects the difference between the Tridentine Mass and that of the Novus Ordo. Perhaps it is even greater.


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Popes’ Palace in Viterbo, Italy. Viterbo remained the papal seat for twenty-four years, from 1257 to 1281.