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It began a long time ago, hundreds of years in fact , the protestant , French and communist revolutions all had sub revolutions of which the Vatican II era and the 1968 sexual revolutions are just sub revolutions of the same masonic trajectory of demanding morality be abolished for personal interpretation and for the world to rely on the masonic tenets of  naturalism – and separate morality and natural law to the realm of a merely optional world of subjectivism

The Popes warned us in multiple encyclicals in every Pontificate from the early 1700s until the 1950s that freemasonry was metastasizing into the culture and would enter the Church and one day call it self the philosophical norm – None of the below stories , on the egalitarianism, women on the altar , the attack on conservative politicians, the dethronement of royal sees , the demand for the rights and equality of false religions , environmental socialism, and  the call for mortal sin to be accepted in the Church as ones acceptable choice ,,,none of it can he explained without reading the lead commentary of the leading encyclical of the modern age Humanum Genus and studying it’s related trajectories of the revolution that has formally entered the Catholic Church

See pdf full chapter attached on the link

Against The Heresies – Commentary Chapter On One Of The Key Encylicals Against The Sects Of Freemasonry – Humanum Genus

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