Following news the other day that Pope Francis announced he would be visiting the largest majority muslim country in the world , Indonesia, to promote his Abu Dabi decree and to set up a new muslim Catholic dicastery for inter-religion breaking  news comes that an intelligence agency has it that Pope Francis, as Bishop Bergoglio  has always been a participating member of Argentinian Freemasonry 

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Pope Francis Publicly Receives An English Translation Of Tikkunei Zohar The Book Of Their Religion The Center Of Kabbalah – photographs and proof in the link – A one world gnostic  religion based on the mutual denial of the divinity of Christ and the joining together in the fraternal brotherhood the rights of man, the environment, and social justice of our common home

All of which by the way has direct support found repeatedly throughout the documents of the Vatican II Council

It is not completely HIS fault ! He’s not inventing anything new

He is merely the elected implementer It was and is clearly the heresies of the unchallenged Council Fathers This philosophy is taught in the majority of the novus ordo rite Churches in the west

which is why we must network our families keep the Faith and return to Roman Catholic Tradition in every sector of our culture, family lives and faith.

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