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Today Begins The Traditional Nine Day Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes (Towards The Feast: Of February 11) | Our Blessed Mother | Prayers and Novenas On ANF


Tonight is a traditional low Mass for the Feast of Martyrdom of Saint Blaise at HI – NYC with the Rite Of The Blessing of the Throats to follow with the candles from yesterday’s Candlemas / The Church of The Holy Innocents and NY Shrine Of The Unborn – Weekly Bulletin – Link – Pdf


Fr. James Walling at Blue Army Shrine In NJ  begins Traditional Rite Masses on Thursdays


Benedictines Of St. Mary’s Abbey Of Morristown, NJ Have an early traditional Rite Mass not advertised here of course on their web site but known to our networked traditional Rite Communities & open to the public


Sedes Sapientiae – The Classical Catholic Education – Co-Ed College Prep High School will have open house on 02/21/20 205 Oak Street, Boonton, NJ 07005 – per-registration required


This upcoming Saturday 02/08/20  is prayer /protest and Rosary in front of the Public :Library in Rye NY who  will attempt to have Drag Queens read story hour to little children in order to indoctrinate them into the transsexual movement at 10:30am  – See Flyer For More Details and please join us 

     Flyer – Prayer Protest – Drag Queen Story Hour Saturday 021520 Rye NY Library @1030AM


Saturday evening the 8th is also the 1st Vespers of Septuagesima  ( Pre-Lent Begins In The Traditional Rite at sundown)

There will be  Adoration and 1st Vespers (N.O.) with the Franciscans ( FFRs) at the gothic classic Church Our Lady of Good Council on 90th Street nearest 2nd Avenue beginning at 7pm with convivium and live entertainment to follow in their convivium space


Friday the 14th is Martyrdom of Saint Valentine the Priest – traditional Mass at Holy Innocents NYC – along with devotions to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus – flyer link above


Saturday evening the 15th is the 3rd Annual traditional Lepanto Conference at Saint Vincent Ferrer that will be kicked off with a Pontifical High Mass with Cardinal Zen – See flyer for more details and sponsor site – the Society of Saint Hugh of Cluny below


Conference and Pontifical Solemn Mass By Cardinal Zen As Sponsored By The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny- On The Link Below


Also on Saturday the 15th there are some additional peaceful prayer protest rosary rally for a Drag Queen event in Brooklyn  Main Library at 10:30am


PDF Link to the flyer ->

Flyer – Public Prayer and Protest – Drag Queen Story Hour – 021519 Brooklyn Main Post Office

These orthorpraxic prayer events  require Church militant lay participation


Peaceful prayer protest in front of the Oakefiled Community Center In Bloomfield Saturday 02/15/19 at 6:30pm


PDF Link to the flyer ->

Flyer – Public Prayer and Protest – Drag Queen +Bingo-Bloomfield+NJ Saturday 02-15-20 @630pm

Drag Queens on Sesame Street – By Michael Matt On The Remnant Newspaper


Tradition Fights Back

Another Reason Why Traditional Catholics And Many Protestant outlets boycotted the Super Bowl

Feast Your Eyes on the Spectacle – Super Bowl reminds us of what men find edifying – The Return To The Pagan Coliseums  – Father George Rutler On CMTV


Franklin Graham: ‘Pepsi Showing Young Girls that Sexual Exploitation of Women Is Okay’  On Breitbart


Cheers and Jeers For The Best Savage Blows Of The Gladiators In Armor In The New Cathedrals of The West

Powerful Relics of St Francis de Sales –  He died in 1622 on the feast of the Holy Innocents but when he was beatifed 40 years later, his feast was assigned to January 29th, the first free day on the calendar after his death. Bl. Pius IX declared him to be a Doctor of the Church, and Pius XI named him the patron Saint of journalists – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


 Traditional Irish customs for her February 1 Feastday by Rachel L. Lozowski On TIA

The ‘Biddy Boys’ & Woven Crosses of St. Brigid’s Day   https://www.traditioninaction.org/religious/d037_Brigid2.htm

Stunning Photopost From ICKP Rome – Immaculate Conception Procession Last Month – On The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest


Sermon From The Abbot of Our Lady of Fontgombault: On Candlemas 2020: “Every child is a gift from God.” – On Rorate


The Gift of Liturgical Tradition Cannot Be Dismissed By Peter Kwasniewski  – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

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