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Church Historian: Pope Francis is Skating on Thinnest Ice Ever – Rarely has a pope been accused of heresy, warns Carlos Eire Church Historian: Pope Francis is Skating on Thinnest Ice Ever – Rarely has a pope been accused of heresy, warns Carlos Eire – By Jules Gomes On CMTV


A troubling, curious point in the Third Secret of Fátima | Fr. Z’s Blog


 Italy: Pope Francis’  New “Our Father” Will Be Introduced In Italy  – On gloria.tv


“Good Arguments Make No Difference,” In the Current Administrations Where Power, Money Decide – On gloria.tv


Watch – The 90 minute + Show That Explains Everything

How Fatima Third Secret Relates to Social Reign of Christ the King with Christopher Ferrara – On The Dr, Taylor Marshal Shows – VIa YouTube


Another Explosive Socci Interview – By Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center


An Interview With Aldo Maria Valli – Look at who is working for the self-destruction of the Church – On CMTV


Was There A Secret “Conspiracy” for 110 Bishops Against Francis? – On gloria.tv


Let’s Not Be Rigid About Rigidity By Father Paul McDonald – On The Remnant Newspaper –


The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Vatican II Mind – On The Remnant Newspaper



 Our Lady Of Good Success On Chiesa Viva – Free full color magazine , images, the prophesy, the chastisement , the approved apparitions and the coming reign before Our Lord – PDF On the Link->

Our Lady Of Good Success On Chiesa Viva – Magazine

Carmelite Sister: Francis Enforces Death Sentence Upon Contemplative Nuns –  On gloria.tv

According to the nun, attempts throughout the centuries to suppress monasteries haven’t once come as close to success as in the present day, because this time the attack comes from within the Church.

Irish bishop warns of “new culture trying to undo truths of Christianity from the ground up” – On Novena News


Vatican cardinal objects to ‘intercommunion’ argument that Protestant Last Supper is identical to Catholic Mass | LifeSite


Here come the locusts ‘Biblical’ Locust Plague With Mega-Swarms The Size Of Cities Descends On East Africa – On Info Wars


Pope Francis Watches Highly Immoral & ecumenical carnival in Aachen – On Church Revolution In Pictures On The TIA


More substantiations that the consecration of Russia was not done

A Class Action Law Suit Has Been Filed Against USCCB – The Remnant Newspaper


Edward Pentin on the Munich Demonstration Against German Bishops By  Edward Pentin -On The Remnant Newspaper


Pope Francis accepts resignation of faithful defender of faith Philadelphia Archbishop Chaput | News | LifeSite


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