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Pope Francis sends a socialism message to World Economic Forum in Davos  Place the person, rather than power or profit, at center

Message of the Holy Father to the Executive Chairman of the “World Economic Forum” (Davos-Klosters, 21 to 24 January 2020)


Pope Francis Fights His Own Shadow: Those Embarking In Ecclesiastical Careers “Become Climbers” –On  gloria.tv


Vatican picks Hong Kong bishop, delays announcement due to perception that he’s sympathetic to Chinese gov’t – On CNA 


Venezuelan exiles warn college students of socialism  Pair tour U.S. campuses to tell of their nation’s downfall – On The College Fix


Hungarian PM Slams George Soros as ‘World’s Number-One Oligarch’ – Viktor Orbán points to financier’s ‘mafia-style international network’- On CMTV


Cardinal: Communism Reborn in Spain- Cdl. Antonio Llovera warns of threat of Marxist rule – On CMTV


Persecution of Christians is ‘taking a technological turn’ as China, India are planning nat’l facial-recognition systems – On Crux 


Catholic prelate to be returned to solitary confinement in two weeks  After China Temporarily Frees The Bishop Previously Confined For 13 Years  — On CMTV


A State Of Panic Hits The Globe As Cases Of China’s New Mystery Virus Rise Exponentially – On Info Wars


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