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He Denounced Error and Confided in Our Lady’s Triumph – Book Review of The Prophet Of The Reign of Mary – By Roberto de Mattei As Reviewed By Norman Fulkerson On The American TFP

The Best Book I Have Read To Date – Puts The Various Revolutions In their Proper Prospective In Traditional Catholic History Explains The Convergence Of Islam – Communism – and Freemasonry To An Exact Science Using Catholic Philosophy and the Teachings of the 19th and 20th Century Popes


An Excerpt – The Danger Of Islam’s Global Return Previously Warned by Prof. Plinio In Robert de Mattei’s Most Excellent 2019 Book (reviewed above)  – is on the pdf link below ->

The Danger Of Islam Previously Warned by Prof. Plinio

Crusade Magazine Issue – Islam and The Suicide Of The West


The Prevalence Of Freemasonry Within The New Neo-Catholicism And Its Philosophies & Implementation Adopted By The International Culture

The Communism Connection


The Revolution’s New Communism Is Islam and It’s Supported Globally By Freemasonry


Europe Is Falling to Islam. Will America? – By William Kilpatrick On Crisis Magazine


China’s Muslims Treated Like Lab Rats -Vatican and Muslim-majority countries remain silent – On CMTV


No Christmas tinsel in Iraq, in solidarity with protesters – Chaldean patriarch calls for muted Xmas celebrations -While Iraq is in crisis and 400+ protestors have been killed


Lebanese bishops concerned about Christian emigration Prelate: Crisis is like war ‘to empty Lebanon of its people’ – On CNA


UK Diocese Celebrates Muhammad, Eastern Guru -Southwark ‘interfaith event’ reflects growing religious indifferentism – On CMTV


Soros-Linked Group Gets Six GOP Governors to Resettle More Refugees – Islamic Support In Unexpected Places – On Info Wars


Chinese city offers cash incentives to informants on illegal religious groups – On CNA


Can an American follow both the Constitution and sharia law? | By David L. Rosenthal | LifeSite


Muslim cleric says Qur’an encourages offensive jihad to humiliate infidels and spread Islam On Robert Spencer’s Site


Austria Foils ISIS-Inspired Plot to Attack Vienna’s Christmas Markets at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna – On CMTV


Quo Vadis, Europa? – By Charles Coulombe -On Crisis Magazine Christian-motivated thinking and acting is the only alternative to the inhumane ideologies of Marxism, consumerism, Islamic fundamentalism and other sectarian doctrines of salvation.


The Illegal Aliens Pack New York DMVs After State Allows Driver’s Licenses For All – On Info Wars


Chechen Terror Cell Had Planned Attacks Across Europe Starting in Vienna Christmas Market  – On The Eponymous Flower



Important Stories Of Interest On Robert Spencer’s Site Over The Past Three Weeks


Iraqi Christians warn Sweden: “If Islamists gain power, they won’t treat you according to human rights, but Sharia” – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Chief advisor to Erdogan: “The Islamic world should prepare an army for Palestine from outside Palestine” On Robert Spencer’s Site


Pro-abortion, pro-gay Rep. Ilhan Omar read Muslim prayer from Catholic Church pulpit in January | News | LifeSite


Remembering when Christian cavalry smashed the Muslim army and saved Europe  | LifeSite


Germany launches project to educate imams locally  To reduce foreign influence on Islamic religious leaders| On DW


Michelle Malkin: Deadly Diversity Lottery Visas. -On The Glazov Gang Show Via YouTube This new Glazov Gang presents Michelle Malkin, author of the new book, Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction? Michelle focuses on Deadly Diversity Lottery Visas, and says: Welcome to one of America’s most suicidal visa programs. 


Burkina Faso leader says 14 slain in attack on church – On NBC News


Catholic News On Islam Via On Gloria tv from the past two weeks

From The Recent Archives On This Topic

From Sacred Tradition On This Date

Ember Wednesday – Advent Embertide – On Fish Eaters


December 18 begins the last week of Advent, which the Church calls the Week of Expectation.

Our Lady of the Expectation By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA


A dawn after the Deluge by Thomas Cole

The Hunt Prepared The Knight For War and The Crusades – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Knights Were Dubbed After Battle – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Philip II of France raising the oriflamme on June 24, 1190. Painting by Pierre Henri Revoil. The Oriflamme was the battle standard of the King of France in the Middle Ages. It was originally the sacred banner of the Abbey of St. Denis