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Demographic winter: S. Korea fertility rate falls to 0.98  In 2018 Over 40%  of new couples did not have children ! – On Asia IT


Greta  ‘Thunberg repeats the unassailable science: Oceans will rise. Cities will flood. Millions of people will suffer’  People must stop having babies they are abusing the planet with more people

Greta Thunberg’s stop the babies poster girl  is Time’s 2019 Person of the Year

Shame on You Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Comparing Pregnant Women to Breeding Dogs | LifeNews.com


TFP Pro-lifers Mobbed at George Washington University – Becomes Ferocious  – YouTube


Doctors said she had a terminal condition and advised abortion. Then a miracle happened. – On Live Action


Planned Parenthood Employee Testified She Wanted To ‘Move Forward’ On Selling Fetal Livers For $750 Each prolife


Christmas Cribs Politicized to Push Pro-Migrant, Anti-Trump Agenda = weaponized cribs for supporting agenda of people smugglers – On CMTV 


Boy with ‘no brain’ continues to defy expectations after parents refused abortion five times – On UK Right To Life prolife  


Judge Orders Criminal Trial for David Daleiden, Sandra Merritt – On CMTV 


UK: New prenatal test = huge drop in Down synd. births  Don’t Screen Us Out decries modern form of eugenics

Margret Sanger ‘Eugenics’ Comes To Life : UK hospitals offering new prenatal screening see huge drop in Down syndrome births | News | LifeSite


Mom who rejected abortion gives birth to ‘Christmas miracle’ after water broke at 13 weeks | News | LifeSite


BREAKING: Supreme Court upholds Kentucky ultrasound law – On Live Action


Action Needed: Please Demand the Resignation of ODH Director that Licensed Dangerous Late-term Abortion Clinic – On Operation Rescue


IN THE NAME OF JESUS: Remnant TV Video Tops 1,000,000 Views – On The Remnant Newspaper –


Planned Parenthood Admits in Court It Arranged to Sell Livers From Aborted Babies for $750 | LifeNews.com


Fisherman Find Blood-Stained Bag Containing Two Dozen Aborted Babies | LifeNews.com


Leftist Assaults College Student For Posting Pro-Life Message on Facebook | LifeNews.com’


Catholic College Caught Promoting Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz to Students and Staff | LifeNews.com


Spanish Cardinal Warns Against Leftist Coalition Cdl. Cañizares criticizes ‘approval of euthanasia,’ ‘gender ideology’ – On CMTV


Chop Shop Selling Human Bodies Must Pay $58 Million in Damages, But Planned Parenthood Avoids Accountability | LifeNews.com


China’s horrific abortion regime is worse than anyone can imagine. Here’s proof | LifeSite


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Pro-life News Round-Up For1st Week In January – A Strong Counter Revolution Increases In Strength |TCE |


Pachamama Reparation Campaign Goes Global Catholics worldwide mark Dec. 12 with prayers of atonement. French Journalist Launches Pachamama Reparation Initiative – On CMTV


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patron of December 12 By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – On TIA


December 12 – Guadalupe: She Who Smashes the Serpent -By by Cesar Franco On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


She stands on the moon, trampling the Aztec moon god under foot. She is surrounded by clouds and attended by an angel, showing that she is not of this earth.


Around her neck, she wears a brooch with a cross, leading mankind to the Supreme Being, the God of the Christians