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Watch/Listen SILENCE GIVES CONSENT: Pope Must Answer Charge of Heresy! – On YouTube

In this week’s Sunday sermon from south St. Paul Diocesan Church , Father discusses the ramifications of a catholic denying either the divinity of Christ or His Resurrection. Drawing from Sacred Scripture, Father points out how those who deny either one can according to St. Paul, be rightly condemned as an anti-christ.

One of the many subplots of the recent Synod in Rome involved a bizarre accusation by a friend of Francis, a journalist, who claimed that Francis told him that he does not believe Jesus Christ was Divine while He walked the Earth.


 Video And Public Letter

Open Letter To Pope Francis – Read and Watch CHURCH in CRISIS: World’s Catholics Resist Pope to His Face – On The Remnant Newspaper –

From Rome, Michael Matt writes an Open Letter to Pope Francis explaining to him why faithful Catholics the world over are resisting this radically leftist pope to his face.

Borrowing from St. Paul in Galatians, Michael promises not only to resist Francis but also to teach his children to resist him and to never stop resisting him until he dies or radically reconsiders his campaign to destroy what’s left of the human element of Christ’s Church.

This video also includes many of the more important clips of bizarre occurrences in this the worst pontificate in the history of the Church.

Who is Francis? How did he get into Peter’s Chairs, and what’s it going to take to get him out? From Pope Francis, libera nos Domine.


Prefacing our remarks and newsblog round up today with:  the fact that the continuing theme of uniting the clans – we are not SSPX nor do we advocate for people packing up and moving into an SSPX Chapel but these are our brothers and now we have key Bishops and theologians echoing the fact that it is not THE TEACHINGS of the SSPX but merely of maintaining Roman Catholicism and what was always held to be true through all of salvations history

How and why we must acknowledge the core problems of Vatican II at the roots of the current crisis in the hierarchy of our Church and with our Pope . It must be studied in detail and we’ve all avoided the painful study and review for too long

Bishop Schneider’s handbook for correcting errors in life of Church today By Maike Hickson | LifeSite [BINGO]

In dealing with the Vatican and the SSPX, Bishop Schneider  realized that the Vatican used “a kind of argument from authority, but not rooted in a deeper theological reasoning, and without going into the substance of the arguments.” The Vatican said, according to Schneider: “You are wrong, our position is the only correct one and it represents the continuity with the previous tradition of the Church.”Further developments strengthened Bishop Schneider’s conviction that we need to listen more carefully to the arguments of the SSPX: “With the growing crisis in the Church, and especially given the situation created after the two Synods on the Family, the publication of Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis’s approval of the pastoral guidelines of the bishops of the Buenos Aires region (which foresee, among other things, the admittance to Holy Communion of unrepentant adulterers), and the declaration on diversity of religions he signed in Abu Dhabi, I realized that we need to take the arguments of the SSPX more seriously.”

As he states later in the book: “This pontificate is a logical consequence of the Council’ and of the ambiguous elements in some of the Council texts.”Bishop Schneider now realizes that “some expressions of the Council could not so easily be reconciled with the constant doctrinal tradition of the Church.” He says: ”

Since he at the time did not read the texts of the 1962-1965 Council directly, but, rather, commentaries by conservative authors presenting them, he had at first “no concern or suspicion that there might be problems with the texts of the Council.” At the time, he practiced a “total ‘infallibilization’ of the Council.” Now Bishop Schneider sees that this conclusion was wrong I noticed that some teachings—let us say, on the topics of religious freedom, collegiality, the attitude towards non-Christian religions, and the attitude towards the world—were not in an organic continuum with previous tradition.


The Forgotten Dogma: No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church by Father Isaac Mary Relyea  – On The Fatima Network 


Watch  Key Interview “Are Archbishop Lefebvre and SSPX Bad or Good? w Dr Taylor Marshall and Michael Matt” on YouTube 


Watch “Vatican II vs Syllabus of Errors Part 1” of 3 on YouTube


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Watch “Vatican II vs Syllabus of Errors Part 3 of 3  – On YouTube


Are the Documents of Vatican II Infallible? – V – by Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira On TIA


Breaking – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò New Letter on the Danger of Syncretism – English Translation herein of the article published en Italia -On Inside The Vatican “The World Neo-Religion Will have its Temple” 


The Proposed Draft Of The Temple Of The One World Religion

An artists conception of a night-time aerial view of the Abrahamic Family House- in Abu Dhabi Each building is dedicated to one of the three monotheistic religions Judaism Christianity and Islam

Pope Francis in Budhist temple (No Shoes allowed) – On gloria.tv


Video of Vatican cardinal at Pachamama, ‘Father Sun’ ceremony surfaces | News | LifeSite


An Introduction to the Terrifying Tribal World Being Proposed  Are We Preaching A General Dismantling ? By Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira -On The American TFP


Following The Money

  • Alexander (the Pacha Idol Dunker) Tschugguel Gives Public Speech in Texas (FULL VERSION) – Presented By Dr. Taylor Marshal On YouTube Insider Info On The Complete Funding Of The Synod Through One Syncretistic German Diocese
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWJTpZetkwM

What Makes The Elite Tick? Learn more about the people behind the scenes – Gnosticism and Freemasonry – On Info Wars


Gnosticism Destroys Biblical Understanding – Part 2 – On The Fatima Center


Dutch bishop joins statement calling for Pope to repent of Pachamama idolatry at Amazon Synod | News | LifeSite


Tradition Evangelizes With Clear Truth And Beauty

The first answer is reparation for this sin and the apostasies of the hierarchy our Holy Mother Church and against the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God

The Last Stop on THE Miracle Statue of the Portugal Fatima Apparitions is Holy Innocents NYC

Hundreds will descend this Friday evening (11-22) for a Traditional Sung High Mass of The Immaculate Heart followed by an outdoor candle lit  procession of reparation (unusual in the cold season in NY) The faithful will then guard her through the evening of Holy Rosary reciting and conclude with a traditional midnight Mass – See flyer for more details ->

Vatican corruption is beyond theological , follow the money

“Not Just Saint Peter’s Basilica, But the Entire Vatican Should be Exorcised” By Giuseppe Nardi On The Eponymous Flower


For the people that believe it is impossible for the majority of the hierarchy of our Holy Church to be infiltrated by the ungodly, Sacred Scripture gives them the answer

How Did We Get to This Situation? – By Father Alberto Strumia On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Father Dreher FSSP removes his signature from the Open Letter protesting idolatry after what appears to be pressure from “superiors”  On Catholic Family News


Blind to the Crisis of the Church: Lamentations of Father Cavalcoli – On FSSPX.News “ It is also Romano Amerio’s masterful thesis, in his powerful book Iota Unum, which shows that since Vatican II, the men of the Church have been devoted to a “secondary Christianity,” i.e., to the elements of Christian culture, more or less neglecting the supernatural end, the struggle of grace and the necessity of the divine and Catholic faith.”


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