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Is the  Lion King a classic ? Yes =  a classic representation of where the Revolution is headed in our time.

Movie review of The Lion King by Salwa Bachar Ecology, Communism & Tribalism


The Cuban Empire – The Threat Few See by Toby Westerman On TIA


Socci: The Meaning of a Porkless Vatican – “The Bergoglian gimmick” of the ostentatiously pork-free lunch, aped in Bologna, he argues, indicates a program that “could be summed up with the slogan: Muslims first.”   On The Fatima Center


The Grand Imam Al-Tayeb That supports suicide bombings against Jews Appears At The Vatican

Pope Francis Embraces The Anti-Semitic Imam Who Wants Christian Converts Killed and supports suicide bombings against Jews – On CMTV


Watch ! Pope Francis Hates America! He has drunk all the Kool-Aid. (“Un-seat The West Via The Regimes”)  | The Vortex


Top Papal Adviser- Challenges Concepts of Property, Is A  Critic of Wealthy Embroiled in Allegations of Financial Misconduct – OnePeterFive  


The Looming Destruction of the Church in China: Courtesy of the Vatican – by Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center


Faithful Chinese Bishop Escapes Communist Guards Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin in hiding – On CMTV 


Socialism Enters Vatican City – Pope blesses palace given to homeless on the doorstep of the Vatican- Management is in hands of the Sant’Egidio Community – On Crux


 Indian Tribalism: The Communist-Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the Twenty-First Century – The American TFP


Here are the Marxist militants in Catholic Cathedral of Managua –On gloria.tv


Pope Pius XI on Communism – On gloria.tv


Christian Persecution Skyrocketing in Europe  New report reveals sharp jump in anti-Christian attacks, government oppression (but the Islamic stats are veiled from the report) – On Breitbart


In The News Round Up The Design Of Communism and Islam Is Both Based On Arianism and Rule By Violence Designed To Destroy The Remnants Of Theocracy By Peace Forms Of Throne And Altar Government Structures

Islamic Gunmen kidnap another Catholic priest   – On Punch Newspapers


France is Target of More Islamic Terror Attacks Than Any Other EU State – On Breitbart


Migrant-Free Ad Sparks Accusations of ‘Nazism’ in Sweden Seen As Anti Islam – On Info Wars


Turkish gov’t makes 5th-century church a mosque again  -St. Savior of Chora may set precedent for Hagia Sophia – On Asia IT News


Summing Up The Islamic Religion – Turkey’s Erdogan: “Our God commands us to be violent towards the kuffar” (infidels) – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Seattle-area district school board instructs teachers to give Islamic blessings | News | LifeSite


US ISIS Strike Named in Honor of Christian Martyr – On CMTV


More news from Europe’s suicide watch. Italy was such a grand place, too. But you get what you pay for, and soon it will be as squalid, dirty, and dangerous as everywhere else – On Robert Spencer’s Site


France: 15 mosques linked to jihad terror shut down – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Muslim AK-47s and Bombings Turn Sweden Into War Zone – On Robert Spencer’s Site


The Islamicization of Public Education Continues Apace – By Fr. Mario Alexis Portella – On Crisis Magazine


Former CEO of Scania Warns Sweden is Heading For Civil War – The Islamic State Of Sweden – On Info Wars


A Muslim employee of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has filed a discrimination complaint alleging his requests for special scheduling to accommodate prayer and Ramadan observances were rejected.


Inside Mosques: Islamic Society of Chester County, Pennsylvania -On Robert Spencer’s Site


Hungarian Prime Minister Orban warns he will “use force” if Turkey delivers threat to send 3,600,000 “refugees” – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Florence Archdiocese in Talks to Sell Land to Muslims to Build Mosque – OnePeterFive


France: Another Desecration of a Church – On gloria.tv


Those Martyrs Who Don’t Make the News. A Testimony From Burkina Faso – Magister On Settimo Cielo L’Espresso


Communism was primarily Jewish and made to contain Islam to not go too far – gloria.tv


Now The Tables Are Turned And Here They Come , As The Pagans Battle Each Other For The Supremacy of Governing The Void Left From Dethroning Church and Altar

UK: Jewish conservative’s door broken down, he is handcuffed and jailed on suspicion of “Islamophobia”  — On Robert Spencer’s Site


Some Key News Stories Of Interest Over The Past Couple Weeks On Robert Spencer’s Site

Recent Archive Of The Traditional Catholic News Round Up On the Islamic Subjects

Turkey Opens A War Of Takeover Against Syria As The Pope’s Support Of The Islamic Invasion Continues | TCE  |


Library : September 24: Feast of Our Lady of Ransom | Catholic Culture


November 20 – St. Edmund the Martyr -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


November 20 – Queen Elizabeth II Wedding Anniversary – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


November 20 – St. Ambrose of Camaldoli – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


A statue of St. Edmund the Martyr on the West Front of Salisbury Cathedral, UK.