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BREAKING: I threw the pagan idols into the Tiber. It was a great success.- On Rorate Caeli

Watch – The ezxclusive Interview With A Bishop That Explains the Source Of All The Errors To A “T”

DEFEND & RESIST: Michael Matt Interviews Bishop Schneider  – – Vatican II and Freemasonry Are Identified At The Root Of It All By Our Courageous Roman Catholic Bishop – On The Remnant Newspaper

As the Catholic Identity Conference gets underway, Michael Matt sits down with Bishop Athanasius Schneider to discuss everything from the Amazon Synod to Freemasonry in the Church, the Second Vatican Council, Sedevacantism and the necessity of remaining faithful to the Church despite Revolution at the highest levels of the Church.

Bishop Schneider’s outspoken critique of the Amazon Synod is followed by a beautiful explanation of why deserting Mother Church at this her darkest hour is simply not an option, and how all the men and women of Christendom are called to come to the defense of the Bride of Christ.


CHRISTUS VINCIT: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age by Bishop Athanasius Schneider – On The Remnant Newspaper


The Miserablist hersey is resurrected in the synod and the catacomb pact under a pretext of poverty, there is a continuing plan to abolish the sacrality of the Church.

What has been exposed  the Progressivist aim to transform the Catholic Church into a poor and invisible institution – the Miserablist Church – which proceeds to the long chain of the miserablist movements that have existed through the History of the Church. They first demonstrate through their own sins , of high level prelates in represetntivng their sins as the “thoughts of the Church” that “the sinning Church” , the Church that sins is united to “ The Church of the poor” This theme to remake the Church is not new but rife throughout the documents of Vatican II and their supposed ambiguities are brought to their natural conclusion The known heretic Vatican II prelate and latter Cardinal, von Balthasar as the present-day representive of this current and his support by the Vatican.

The Ghost of Roberto Calvi  – Was Cardinal Pell  About To Uncover Him – On CMTV

“However, as many Catholic commentators have noted, much of the diabolical trickery at work in the contemporary Church has been present in much of the post-Vatican II and even pre-Vatican II Church”Calvi himself was a member of the P2 (Propaganda Due) Masonic Lodge, what was one of the most powerful centers of European Freemasonry and was ruled at its 20th century height by the archmason and spy master Licio Gelli.


Although the following news story is of noted interest , it’s all staged

The Vatican wishes to create financial scandals – it’s all in the Vatican II play book – They will then admit and confess to these evils and despoil ALL of the Curia from its financial management of the Church and turn it over Commissions of lay people affiliate with conciliar Bishops Conferences with some near future grand announcement from the master of the circus .  All part of the plan to remake the Church into a Conciliar Egalitarian ‘new Catholic Church’

Vatican Civil War Underway : Parolin Attacks His Former Deputy – On gloria.tv


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TX Bishop Wields Banner of Liberation Theology – El Paso’s Bp. Mark Seitz champions American version of Marxism On CMTV TX Bishop Wields Banner of Liberation Theology – El Paso’s Bp. Mark Seitz champions American version of Marxism – On CMTV


Married Priests? Yes, But in Perfect Continence. The Lesson of the Church’s First Centuries -Magister On Settimo Cielo -L’Espresso


Corporate Activist Promoting Pope Francis Amazon Synod Calls For An Economic Revolution – – US Network Executive says idea of ‘ecological sin’ boils down to, ‘We consume too much’ – On Crux


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The Amazon, the spirit of Pachamama and the spirit of Elijah – By Professor Roberto de Mattei On Rorate Caeli


Another Heresy Issued On The Vatican Web-site  Vatican spokesman emphasizes that doctrine develops  Says Amazon synod draws together new things and old


Development of doctrine is a people that walks together – On Vatican News


Six cardinals and bishops who condemned pagan ‘Pachamama’ rituals at Vatican | Makie Hickson | LifeSite


Vatican News In Undisclosed subverted fashion alters interview of Amazon Synod’s key organizer approving ‘pagan worship’ | Makie Hickson On| LifeSite


Vatican News alters interview of Amazon Synod’s key organizer approving ‘pagan worship’  | LifeSite


Amazon Final Document: Taylor Marshall and John-Henry Westen (LifeSite) Review The Heresy Of The Coming Women’s Ordination – Amazon Synod – On YouTube


How Will the Church Deal With Married Priests Like This? On The Eponymous Flower


Climate Outreach bills itself as “a team of social scientists & comms specialists passionate about helping organisations communicate climate change beyond the green bubble.”- On Info Wars


Europe’s Carmakers Facing Climate Policy Disaster – Demand Government Subsidies To Save Them | Climate Depot

Europe’s carmakers, spooked by the imminent mortal threat to profits from European Union (EU) regulations to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, called for governments to raise subsidies on electric car purchases to stimulate sales.


Eco-State Religion News – Watch: Morano testifies at wild Pennsylvania Climate Hearing – Compared to Racist, a Holocaust denier, tin foil hats & heckled – Dem legislator walks out | Climate Depot


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November 4 – Fearless and Faithful, He Reformed the Church -Saint Charles Borromeo – On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Saint Charles goes in procession with the Holy Nail”, Painting by Giovanni Dall’Orto