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Darkness On All Hallos Eve – The Orcs Rise To Power In the Battle Of Middle Earth-

The devil’s promise that he would eventually create something that God’s people would follow comes to fruition in the transvestite

Cardinal Tobin Hires LGBTQ Leader for Archdiocesan Operations -Questions surround Newark’s ongoing pro-gay push – On CMTV


Georgia lawmaker: Proposes law – that  aiding gender transition of minors a felony Georgia – Hero State Rep. Ginny Ehrhart –On AJC

Hero State Rep  Ginny Ehrhart: “We’re talking about children that … can be castrated and get sterilized but are not allowed to buy tobacco or alcohol “


Info Wars Picks Up The On The Revolution Against Children To Create More Orcs

Pro-homosexuality social worker files complaint against Catholic school for firing her | News | LifeSite


Salesian chief – Problem not sexual abuse, but clericalism– On Matters India


Mayor won’t apologize for condemning LGBT indoctrination as ‘affront to Almighty God’ | News | LifeSite


Watch – Black Trans Man Disrupts Austin School District Anti-Child Sexualization Protest, Gets Arrested – On Info Wars


High-Ranking NY Priest Accused of Raping Boy at Least 150 Times – Monsignor
Edward Weber temporarily suspended from ministry – On CMTV


Bishops call out Fr. James Martin for questioning if Bible is right to condemn homosexuality | News | LifeSite

https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/bishops-call-out-fr-james-martin-for-questioning-if-bible-is-right-to-condemn-homosexuality Fr. James Martin up in arms over the Dumping of Amazonian Idols – On The Eponymous Flower


TX Bishop Blasts Fr. Martin for Questioning Bible on Homosexuality Bp. Joseph Strickland: ‘You are challenging the Deposit of Faith that I promised to defend’- On CMTV


Canadian Transgender Loses ‘Brazilian Wax’ Case Court orders Jessica Yaniv to pay $6K – On CMTV


Canada tribunal rules beauticians don’t have to wax genitals of man claiming to be ‘female’ | News | LifeSite


Trump Jr.: Sorry to all female athletes that man claiming to be a woman won your cycling championship | News | LifeSite


Australia: High court upholds convictions of three Muslims for female genital mutilation -On Robert Spencer’s Site


Priest Speaks Out Against ‘Rainbow Fridays’ in Polish Schools – Fr. Dariusz Oko connects LGBT agenda with atheistic communist forces – On CMTV


Vatican has at least a dozen more allegations of boys and seminarians sexually abused by McCarrick | News | LifeSite


Jury rules against dad trying to save his 7-year-old from gender ‘transition’ | News | LifeSite


Pastor on battle over 7-year-old’s ‘transition’: It’s an ‘effort to have this young boy mutilated’ | News | LifeSite


Transgender Cyclist Rachel McKinnon Keeps Smashing Women’s Records – On Breitbart


Surprise ‘coming out ’ middle school assembly angers parents | LifeSite


Study ‘definitively refutes’ idea of gays ‘born that way’  CUA priest-sociologist discusses recent landmark study

“Born That Way” No More: The New Science of Sexual Orientation – Public Discourse – On The Public Discourse


Supporters struggled to believe dad has to fight 7-year-old’s gender ‘transition’ in US | News | LifeSite


Legal Challenge Mounting to NJ’s Gay Therapy Ban -It’s a one-man fight against the Southern Poverty Law Center – On CMTV


Watch Live: CNN Hides LGBT Town Hall On Info Wars


Half a million march in France against law allowing lesbians to artificially procreate| LifeSite


Major health insurer releases pro–drag queen ad, tells parents ‘too bad’  | LifeSite


Protecting Kids From Gender Ideology –Dr. Cretella is Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians

What are we doing to children? Dr. Cretella talks about gender dysphoria. -Dr J Show  On YouTube


What’s Wrong with This Photo (This Picture ) AP probes whereabouts of 1,700 accused ex-clergymen Finds oversight gap between dioceses, law enforcement


French people hit the streets to protest bill allowing IVF for lesbians – On Crux 

The message clearly tainted in negative subjectivity against normative traditional Catholicism 


Children as young as SIX are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons that critics say are sexualising youngsters – On Info Wars


The Clash of Two Queens: Our Lady During A Rosary Rally – On TFP


From The Recent Archives

Fr. J Martin News Round Up – Leads The Transsexual Movement Into The Church – As The Culture Goes After The Youth | TCE |


From Sacred Tradition On This Day

A Knight’s Largesse – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Renaud de Montauban Saves King Yon, His Lord, Though He Had Suffered At His Hands -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Painting of Ros Beiaard of Dendermonde –  A festival with a guild of bearers, called the ‘Pijnders’ Of _Belgium by Jan Frans Verhas