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How the Amazon Synod Turns Poverty Into a Utopian Ideal -By  Juan Antonio Montes Varas  On TFP.org


Using Paganism – Vatican II – P False Ecumenism – Socialism and Liberation Theology to syncretize to and ideal that requires the description of the old Catholic Church ( and everything about her) in order to remake her as the main vehicle of the new world order ….This is their vision , and their entrenched ideology that arose from the historical revolutions into modernism turned progressivism. The enemies of the world are within the hierachy of our own beloved Catholic Church But only trinitarian , liturgical , covenantal Christians can ever understand why this would never cause even one of the faithful to leave the Church as Knight of our Lady at the foot of the cross of our Savior but instead fight even harder for the uniting of traditional Catholic families in the counter revolution /restoration movement and to teach others what it means to be loyal to the death to the “eternal” magisterium of the Church

A Must Watch – Meet the Brazilian Catholic exposing the dark money behind Amazon Synod | The John-Henry Westen Show – gloria.tv


Marco Tosatti: A Refresher on Liberation Theology – On OnePeterFive


A purposeful auto-destruction of Vatican Finances in order to despoil it and re-org it under the lay people was discussed by the Council’s theologians and written about extensively

Vatican: More Troubling Financial Irregularities Exposed Papal Foundation dollars used to write off allegedly illicit loan  – On CMTV


It’s all about remaking the Church into the new world order and which includes trotting through the internal civil war of a Vatican Finances re-org

Cdl. Pell May Be Called to Testify in Financial Corruption Inquiry – Vatican prosecutor widening probe into financial irregularities – On CMTV


Dr. Taylor Marshal Is Attacked In His Public Profile From Within The Vatican , by The Financial Director and the Telecommunications Direction of the Office Of The Vatican’s Secretary of State

Source using Vatican internet alters Wikipedia entry of prominent Amazon Synod critic Taylor Marshall | By Maike Hickson | Lifesitenews


An eco-socialism designed to remake global finances

Dutch Bishop: Amazon Synod – the intention is a new religion? – By Mgr. Rob Mutsaerts On The Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Commenting Strictly on the Instrumentum Laboris’ Statements on Climate and Ecology -By Luiz Carlos Baldicero Molion On  Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Key Amazon Synod organizer: Final document ‘already written’ but ‘no one knows’ who authored it | News | LifeSite


Controversial Amazon Synod statue: just a symbol or also an idol? | LifeSite


More Heresies On The Vatican News Site As Jesuit editor Spadaro: Key theme of synod is prophecy  Seeds of Church’s future ‘are now more in the peripheries

Fr Antonio Spadaro, SJ: Key themes from the Synod – Vatican News


At the Synod, a Climate Expert Speaks. His Sure Predictions Are: Married Priests and a Female Ministry Are Required For World Ecology – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


President Trump prepares to formally withdraw US from Paris Climate Accord | TheHill


From Sandro Magister: Those images really break your heart – On Rorate Caeli


How Francis Might Deny Christ’s Divinity…Sort Of – – The incomprehensible pope – Part#3 – On OnePeterFive


The SSPX’s Disagreement the Open Letter, Against The  Heresies of Pope Francis – On OnePeterFive

In reaction to the recent publication of the Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church, the Society has taken another step away from combatting the heresies of Pope Francis. This Open Letter accused Pope Francis of the canonical crime of heresy and asked the bishops of the Catholic Church to admonish him for this crime. If he failed to abjure these heresies after being asked to do so on three occasions, it further requested that the bishops declare that he had forfeited the papal office on account of his heresy.

The General House of the Society of Saint Pius X issued a statement in response to this letter, condemning it in strong terms: “This Open Letter is a waste of time — an action producing little effect, the fruit of a legitimate indignation but which falls into excess.” Here we have not only a failure to oppose Pope Francis’s promotion of heresy, but an attack on those who do oppose him. As a signatory of the Open Letter, I think it necessary to address this attack.

The statement of the General House does not give reasons for rejecting the content of the Open Letter. It offers a criticism of the approach of the Letter:


Pope Francis, the Open Letter, and the Pesky Preface – On OnePeterFive


From The Recent Archives

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Answer Back With Sacred Tradition In Every Sector

This Sunday

The Kingship of Christ is Offered In A Royal Setting For the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass At The Pontifical Shrine of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel In NYC see – the flyer ~inset~


Medieval Noble Parents Gave Their Boys Heroic Role Models – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Statue of St. Michael at the Shrine of St. Theodore Guerin, the 8th American Saint, located in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The Knightly Virtues of Sincerity, Chastity, and Charity -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Arming a knight