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From the Conciliar Catholic remake of the Church –whereby the Council’s Architects co-join the “Sinning Church to the Poor Church Model “ to remake it into the new world order of social justice and the rights of man above all other rights

The componential elements are found within the blueprints “ the Council documents”  and the hundreds of hundreds of official documents that followed in the years in post of the Council.   The trajectory namely to co-join and intersect the ideology of the “Sinning Church to that of the Poor Church via democratization , Its desacralization  it’s synodality and its purposeful financial despoilment – In attempting to make the highest offices of the Curia of Holy Mother Church financially transparent and answerable to the people and the clergy of lower rank it has caused an internal revolution behind the scenes that regularly spills forth into financial “scandals” reported by the media All of which are on-going sub revolutions of the Council to which this Pope does not seek to only ride along side by to see implementation actualized as the original Council Fathers – the modernists turned progressivists that took control of the majority of the hierarchy by force.

The Pact of the Catacombs was carry out this mission financially and in keeping with a strict Liberation Theology that they wished in their Catholic Church remake work to angrily destroy capitalist democracy which they always believed in their 1960s /1970s utopian ideology should never have been used in place of the Aristocracy and Feudal theocratic model that was the basis of over 1000 years of Christendom in the west

They have found the perfect replacement for their failed outer shell to drive it , rather than Socialism and hidden Socialistic forms of Communism they have adopted the Ecology model as the common home of their new syncretistic financial and one world religion model – It you read the preparation works and books of the periti of the Council ( dozens of extensive works) you will find this became ( by force in the second session of the Vatican II Council ) the financial and ecumenical model of the Council fathers for the new Catholic Church . We’re talking public documents here and clear evidence that folks by majority do not wish to look into  that translates into the current “purposeful despoilment of Church finances , properties and schools

This architecture and this ideology is the blue print of what Pope Saint Pius X fought against , it is the 180 degree opposite of the traditional Catholic philosophy, doctrine , theology and financial structure the pre-conciliar Popes fought against, called modernism and and issued the following

Pope Francis is NOT to blame , he’s not that smart

He’s just the working foreman following the blueprints he swore to implement , to an ideology of the Council Fathers he was formed in and believes in

What they are following is the pact to take down the distinctions between Roman Catholicism and other religions for the pact of the one world religion that was made among them And he promotes and surrounds himself with prelates that have demonstrated commitment  to the same ideology


The ecology religion of a common home of “mother earth” united in “social justice concerns” and untied in suppressing the Kingship of Christ and any notion of absolute Truths of Roman Catholicism required for salvation of ones soul

What the response must be

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The new Emperor had intensified the cult to the idols and since the city of Hierapolis was consecrated to one of them, the number of processions to the pagan gods there increased. Abercius suffered greatly from this and frequently prayed to God asking for the destruction of the temple idols. One night as he slept, he saw an Angel who handed him a rod and told him: “Wake up! The time has come! Take this rod and strike down the false gods that deceive the people.”

One can imagine St. Abercius striking the temple gods with his rod

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