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Watch – BREAKING: Amazon Synod to Renew 50-year-old ‘Catacomb Pact’ On The Remnant Newspaper – TV


Radical Bishops Renew Secret ‘Pact of the Catacombs’ at Amazon Synod Amazon Synod bishops resurrect cornerstone liberation theology document – On CMTV

Shrouded by darkness on the night of Nov. 16, 1965, 42 bishops led by the “red” Abp. Hélder Câmara of Olinda and Recife, Brazil, secretly left the Vatican and met at the Santa Domitilla Catacombs on the edge of Rome.


More on Helder Camara and the Charismatic Movement

Helder Camara was also the Vatican II prelate that was one of the main prelatures of hierarchy responsible for the pseudo -legitimizing of the charismatic Catholic renewal for it’s local and “tribalizing ”communities, which relates to the desacralization of the consecrated Priesthood , continues its redefinition of what the Priesthood of the laity is as it is related to empowerment of the laity in rolls related exclusively to the Priesthood

More on how this is related to this whole revolution in a future newsblog episode – A summary of the topic is again the naming of the discernment and gifts given to those who worship the Holy Spirit , and the ability to interpret and empower The Holy Spirit in His absolute guidance they maintain is not reserved to the Vicar of Christ to guide the Church but is given and utilized by every person “baptized” in the Holy Spirit who can even interpret Scripture in how it applies to each person individually . Despite the Scripture 2 Peter 1:20 that dictates that there is no personal interpretation of Scripture this is one of the componential elements that  attempt to decentralize and democratize the Church as does Bishops Conferences and Concelebration Masses . The belief that lay people in the gathered assembly are an element that participate somehow in the consecration , which is essentially a sub-division of gnosticism.  Helda Camara pushed hard for the charismatics and charismatic version of the novus ordo not because he himself purported to be charistmatic himself but for the reason that its protestantizing elements of egalitarianism and democratization movement fit so nicely into an “application” of the Vatican II revolution of a type of ecumenism that does not  seek full and immediate conversion but seeks to make the Catholic Church an equal among many religions that worship together , that dispenses with Sacral Offices , Sacral titles and makes all equals and transposable

It is therefore not surprising to see the sections of the world with the largest amount of adherents in the world tethered to liberation theology So for all intents and purposes many good people of the charismatic movement are drawn firstly by trying desperately to stay within the Church when they discover the natural truth that there is something intrinsically wrong with the novus ordo Mass and they go seeking something more , to be more devout , more active . But these same well-meaning people unbeknownst to a great majority of them are unaware that they are carrying water for the enemy and have been recruited as soldiers in the revolution within the Catholic Church. They are one of the many brigades of foot soldiers implementing the French Revolution within Catholicism. The substantiating element is that I have had the providence to meet over a dozen different people , who in breaking away from the revolution , without knowing each other had some of the same revelations as described above once they had become red-pilled

Property is despoiled and in the same way the French Revolution made transparent the finances of the Nobility and Royalty to incite the lower ranks of all levels While remnant pockets of Catholic conservatives and traditionalists are left to defend Church property and holding under attack from its own hierarchy all over the west , its like an avalanche of armies surrounding the battle field

The Vatican is doing the same thing with Curia . It’s a set-up that has been in the process of playing out since the Council – One financial Scandal after another will continue to unfold. The Office Of The Holy See was made the CDF and was previously financially answerable to no earthly entity

They were ordered to become one equal office among other Curial offices It’s orchestrated partially by the Masonic controlled Vatican bank and partially by the Vatican itself in its decentralization to Bishops Conferences – Knowledge prelates with the power and knowledge to fight such a revolution like Cdl Pell and Cdl Mueller are marginalized by force

Vatican II documents are the blue print

Our Pontiff Francis I is not smart enough to orchestrate this himself he’s following what was laid down by the Vatican II fathers – He is now carrying out the implementation of the merger of the “Sinning Church” (which was also orchestrated to create many many Priests in public mortal sin) with that of the “Poor Church that seeks to despoil itself “

These instructions of what they are following are spelled out in each of the 16 documents of the Vatican II Council they are remaking the Church and they have blue prints

The Pact in the Catacombs merely swore an oath to implement same by ensuring successors of the same revolutionary school of thought The Poor Church that seeks the self destruction of the old Catholic Church within her

The way the Council twists Scripture and Sacred Tradition in Catholic teachings is without precedent , some of the many examples for this despoiling kenosis that will bring about their own Holy Ghost , Lumen Gentium states

Just as Christ carried out the work of redemption in poverty and under oppression , so the Church is now called to follow the same path , in communicating to me the fruits of salvation Christ Jesus though he was by nature God emptied himself , taking the nature of a slave and being rich ( Phil 2:6) he became poor ( 2 Cor 8:9) for our sake Thus although the Church needs human resources to carry out this mission , she is not set up to seek earthy glory but to proclaim humility and self-sacrifice but this her example ( Hence the remaking of the Church into an ecology based international  social justice concern

This and the many other teachings of the Council is the root of it ITS NOT POPE FRANCIS , he’s just a soldier in the revolution with orders he swore to

These teachings are not mere heterodoxy as described above they are heretical including that of the Poor Church

The Roman Catholic Church is a perfect society and without blemish and its infallible teachings without error and without blemish While its human element is filled with cowardice Priest that refuse to defend her infallible teachings from the pulpit and denounce each heresy and teach the people where in Catholic teaching the base of each error of the modern hierarchy lies

It is the City of God – ‘Thy Kingdom Come On Earth as it is even “ the duty to fight for the restoration of Christendom and the dogma Kingship of Christ and the reign of the immaculate heart of our Lady

The Catholic people are the people that were foretold in the Old Testament would inherit the Covenant , not anonymous Christians not 2nd reformed Baptists or any other supposed Christian religion but covenantal , liturgical , trinitarian Catholics. We leave the judging to God on exception that He alone would make but the majority are judged according to this law and he who questions this , Scripture says becomes a judge of the law

The Church was indeed set up to collaboratively rule and in conjunction with two swords both temporal and eternal with the God given power over both …………….

We wish more people could see what we have studied and learned about the differences between infallible traditional Catholicism and the new religion of the Catholic revolution

To be continued ………..

The Vatican II Mission of dismantling the Sacral marks of the Church continue with a fervor – Destabilizing of dogma , inclusive of “there is no salvation outside the Church” and the installation of a replacement evolving theology that levels all religions onto the same playing field also in keeping with the south American liberation theology model with false ecumenism

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