The Divine Maternity of Our Lady, feastday of October 11 By  Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA

Pro-Abortion Mob Rages for Imagined Right to Kill Unborn Babies at GWU – TFP Student Action

TFP Student Action Assaulted – ‘Hellish’ Pro-Aborts Mob Pro-Life Group In Washington DC Pro-Life Event

The Clash of Two Queens: Our Lady During A Rosary Rally – On TFP

The Rights Of Women Threatened As They Are Pushed Into The Work Force and Indoctrinated To Abort While Roman Catholicism Holds High Their Esteemed Privilege

Four women being canonized with Newman on Sunday  Stigmatist, mystic, Roman orphan, & Nobel peace nominee – On CNA

Seeking Knowledge of God through the Experience of Beauty | New Oxford Review

At Amazon Rome However- the Eco-syncretism continues barreling along and refusing to acknowledge the regular ritual infanticide of Indigenous tribes

 Synod organizers downplay heresy charges: working doc should be ‘listened to’ and not ‘judged’ Stating the document is not ‘pontifical, magisterial’ so don’t judge | News | LifeSite

Many other infanticide proofs and eccelsial denials abound

Pan-Amazon News Round Up – Synod Day 3 – Lots Of Shockers (Updated pm) | TCE |

Socialism touches down on US Soil – with Sanger Eugenics

Judge Forces Mentally Disabled Woman to be Fitted With Contraceptive Device After She Became Pregnant |

Imam Will Be Allowed to Teach Catholic Religious Education – On

Chavagnes is the only UK-style Catholic boarding school for boys « Chavagnes International College, Catholic boarding school for boys, France, GCSEs, A-levels, university preparation, inc. Oxford and Cambridge entrance.

Backlash to Radical Sex Education in Austin, TX

Families and advocates need support to oppose radical LGBT curriculum – On CMTV

Students Protest Australian Catholic College’s Embrace of Homosexuality
Newman College students launch petition to support Church teachings. at Newman College – Melbourne University | On CitizenGO

Seeking one globalist system of Marxist education – Bergoglio declares war on Catholic families! On Vox Cantor

Planned Parenthood Gets Trial Judge to Block Jury From Seeing Undercover Videos  David Daleiden says nixing key evidence is due-process violation

Woman with Perforated Uterus Rushed from Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility that Possibly Supplies Aborted Baby Tissue – On Operation Rescue

Danger: Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood in NYC Calls Ambulance for 3 Women in 5 Days – On Operation Rescue

Pro-Life Congressman Welcomes Daughter with Down Syndrome; Resigns to Devote Time to His Family |

Protestant Pastors Ignore “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and “Bless” Abortion Clinic in Sacreligious Ritual |The  Sacrifice Of The Babies For Personal Prosperity|

Planned Parenthood Funneling Millions to Foil Trump Re-election Money will back pro-abort Democratic candidates in all areas of the government. Planned Parenthood Announces 2020 Plans : On NPR

Infanticide is not a crime after failed abortion: California AG in baby parts case | News | LifeSite

Pro-Abortion Mob Rages for Imagined Right to Kill Unborn Babies at GWU – TFP Student Action

Irish Schools Abandon Catholic Ethos for Multi-Faith Umbrella – On CMTV 

Multi-Faith Umbrella – As Catholic schools bend to ‘multi-cultural’ society

What is Polis Institute? – On

Middle school science teacher asks to be called ‘Mx.’ not ‘Mr,’ hands out
gender unicorn | News | LifeSite

More states pledge to include ‘LGBT history’ in school curriculums  | News |

Biblical Typology For Children: Three Books From Emmaus Road Publishing – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Building the Way to Heaven: The Tower of Babel and Pentecost/The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam and Eve and Jesus and Mary/ Into the Sea, Out of the Tomb: Jonah and Jesus

Sign This Petition to Stop Jesuits At Fordham University’s  Immoral “Drag Show” on Jesuit Campus – On TFP Student Action

I will make the Church into the image and likeness of fallen creation

JPII Institute Leaders Try to Silence Critics in Wake of Leftist ‘Purge’ – On CMTV

Father Maurizio Chiodi — an openly pro-contraception, pro-gay priest will be among the most prominent members of the revamped institute.

Mother Miriam urges parents to pull kids from public school: ‘I don’t know of anything more urgent’ | News | LifeSite

How the trans debate entered the classroom | Spectator Life

‘The term ‘life’ must be redefined,’ new head of Vatican Life Academy declares | News | LifeSite

A Radical Liberal Vatican Blocks Decree Stripping Catholic Title From Prep School Brebeuf Jesuit ordered by bishop to stop identifying as Catholic – On The Indy Channel

Insightful  Keys To Deciphering The Root Of The Problems Can Be Found Here

Transmitting What We Have Received: An Interview with the SSPX Superior General – District of the USA

Portæ inferi non prævalebunt adversus eam!

Austin School District Wants Graphic LGBT Sex Ed – Proposes radical Canadian curriculum to indoctrinate children – On CMTV

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The Revolution Continues Into Children & Young Adults Education In The Schools – The News Round Up | TCE |

The Revolution Continues Into Children & Young Adults Education In The Schools – The News Round Up | TCE |


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