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It is common for progressivists and socialists who are strident against the “capitalist oppression of the poor” to go on a pilgrimage to socialist-governed countries and return home painting a paradise that is only in their minds.

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Liberation Theology And The Denial Of Original Sin

This ultimate analysis of the profound contemporary decadence remains strictly natural. Which does not mean that it is false in itself. Still, it presents at least a double defect.

First, that of not going back to the theological causes, especially original sin and its aftermath, which suggests partial or even ineffective remedies. Then, that of being necessarily incomplete. For who can claim to achieve, in the field of the human sciences, such a global synthesis without risking more or less serious errors of perspective in areas that evolve and are subject to public opinion?

This is the problem encountered in the Instrumentum laboris of the synod for the Amazon, which embraces disparate, sometimes highly disputed, data that they want to bring together under the concept of “integral ecology.” Aggravating factors are interpreted through a perspective influenced by liberation theology.

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Prophecy of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich in 1823This is a vision of Blessed Catherine Emmerich in 1823. Was it fullfilled the other day at the Vatican Gardens?

“…Then I had a vision of many gardens lying around me in a circle, and the Pope’s situation with respect to his Bishops. He sat enthroned in one of these gardens. In the others were the rights and privileges of his Bishops and their sees symbolized by various plants, flowers, and fruits. Their mutual connection, their communication and influence, I saw under the forms of threads, of rays extending from them to the See of Rome. In these earthly gardens, I saw the temporal, spiritual authority, and above them in the air I saw their future Bishops; for instance, I saw above the garden of the stern Superior, a new Bishop with the cross, mitre, and other episcopal insignia, and standing around him Protestants who wished him to enter the garden below, but not on the conditions established by the Holy Father. They tried to insinuate themselves by all sorts of covert means; they destroyed a part of the garden, or sowed bad seed in it. I saw them sometimes here, sometimes there, cultivating the land or letting it lie untilled, tearing up and not clearing away, etc.; all was full of pitfalls and rubbish. I saw them intercepting or turning away the roads that led to the Pope. When they did succeed in getting a Bishop according to their liking, I saw that he had been intruded contrary to the will of the Holy Father; consequently, he possessed no legitimate spiritual authority.— Many such scenes were shown me, and it is for me to pray and suffer! It is very distressing!— I see one who has few claims to holiness about to be installed in the see of a holy deceased Bishop.

“I saw deplorable things: they were gambling, drinking, and talking in church; they were also courting women. All sorts of abominations were perpetrated there. Priests allowed everything and said Mass with much irreverence. I saw that few of them were still godly, and only a few had sound views on things. I also saw Jews standing under the porch of the Church. All these things caused me much distress.”

I saw in Germany among worldly-wise ecclesiastics, and enlightened Protestants, plans formed for the blending of religious creeds, the suppression of Papal authority, the appointment of more supperiors, the diminishing of expenses and the number of ecclesiastics, etc., which projects found abettors in many of the Roman prelates….

“They built a large, singular, extravagant church which was to embrace all creeds with equal rights : Evangelicals, Catholics, and all denominations, a true communion of the unholy with one shepherd and one flock. There was to be a Pope, a salaried Pope, without possessions. All was made ready, many things finished ; but, in place of an altar, were only abomination and desolation. Such was the new church to be, and it was for it that he had set fire to the old one; but God designed otherwise. He died with confession and satisfaction — and he lived again !”

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Saint Francis Borgia Taking Leave of His Relatives Painting by Francisco de Goya