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Islamic Turkish troops launch offensive in northern Syria with air strikes and ground offensive – Watch and /or Read On BBC News

Turkey has launched a ground offensive in northern Syria, hours after its warplanes and artillery began hitting territory held by Kurdish-led forces.


Burkina Faso: Muslims murder 20 in jihad massacre at gold-mining site – – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Turkish Columnist: We Must Stop Western Civilization From Destroying the World – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Archbishop warns on looming Turkish invasion of Syria  Kurdish JPG forces are target but little ones will suffer

SYRIA – TURKEY – USA Ankara set to invade Syria. Bishop Nassar: In children the tragedy of war – On Asia News IT


The Illustrious History of Our Lady of Victory – On OnePeterFive


Former President of Benin says Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Boko Haram jihad terror group – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Pope installs new cardinals who “share his vision for social justice, rights of immigrants and dialogue with Islam” On Robert Spencer’s Site


Pope Francis’ Cardinals Share in His Support of Islam – Cdl. Matteo Zuppi: ‘I really think it’s time for a mosque in Bologna’ !  – On CMTV


Turkish Invasion of Syria Threatens New Middle East War as Planet Awakens to Chinese Takeover On The Info Wars Channel


Syrian Migrant Arrested After Hijacked Truck Rammed into Traffic – On Breitbart


Vermont Islamic Society the latest in rising number of mosques buying churches and converting them – On Robert Spencer’s Site


France: Man who stabbed four police officers to death converted to Islam 18 months ago – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Pope Francis sends gifts to mosque to show ‘esteem and affection to the Muslim community | News | LifeSite  


French Leader Sounds Alarm Over Rise of Islam Marion Maréchal-Le Pen  Calls for French to Resist The ‘Great Replacement’- Says France is “becoming the little niece of Islam – On Breitbart


Sheikh Yahya Cholil Staquf meets Pope Francis, calls for Islam without ‘infidels’ – On CNA


Pope laments countries that sell weapons but refuse to take in refugees from conflicts – On Crux


Study: 70 Per Cent of Austrians Say Islam Not Compatible with the West – On Breitbart


Cardinal, Disguised As Layman, Presents Mosque with Francis Gifts –On gloria.tv


MI School District Offers Muslim Indoctrination for Teachers, Funded by Taxpayers – On CMTV 

OIA request uncovers teachers subjected to anti-Christian and anti-American Islamic indoctrination


Featured – Islam’s Engine of Conquest | On New Oxford Review

Spain was a microcosm of the war between Islam and Christianity, says Ibrahim, starting three centuries prior to the Crusades and lasting more than three centuries after Hattin. Thus, the Spanish victory in 1212 at the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa was transformational, for it ended Muslim hegemony in Spain. The victory was celebrated for hundreds of years until Vatican II abolished it.


Saudis execute 134 so far this year, many by beheading and crucifixionn as part of their laws – On Robert Spencer


The Paradox Of Persecution – How Would Msgr. Ronald Knox Have Stood Up To Demands For Politically Correct Preaching On Islam – On Crisis Magazine


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