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Much ink has been spilled debating the merits and even the orthodoxy of the Instrumentum Laboris (or working document) of the Amazon Synod, which begins on October 6. We’re now less than one week out from the main event and, curiously, there has been no close reading of the Instrumentum itself. So, let’s begin with the basics


Watch From Rome, Michael J. Matt reports on Day 1 of the Amazon Synod. AMAZON SYNOD: Is It Racist? – The Remnant TV Via YouTube

After the first press conference in the Vatican press hall, Michael discusses a few of the blatant contradictions involved in the stated reasons for this Synod.

For example, the Vatican keeps insisting that the Synod is all about evangelization based on “synodal listening” to the people of the Amazon. But how does one evangelize people to whom one is supposedly listening and from whom one is learning?

If the wisdom of the Amazon can change the world, why do they need Francis to interfere?

Plus, this eco-theology and listening to the cry of the earth is nothing new. It’s part of the United Nations, Jeffrey Sachs, Sustainable Development coalition to which the pontificate of Francis has been allied for the past five years. So, what’s listening got to do with it?

Does anyone seriously believe the Vatican is “listening” to the indigenous people of Amazon here in Rome in pursuit of new pathways for moving forward? If the indigenous peoples are so advanced that we must listen to them in order for the Church to progress, why does the white pope need to call a Synod to save and protect the Amazon?

And, by the way, what’s with the feathers? Would the Vatican have us believe all or even most of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon in 2019 are still running around in feathers and grass skirts? How is this condescending cultural stereotyping not essentially racist to the core?

And finally, at the press conference today Michael learned that, due to the priest shortage, women in the Amazon are already baptizing babies, conducting marriages, and even hearing confessions.

Is the Amazon being used as a laboratory for developing creative answers to the universal priest shortage in the whole Church? Is that what this is really about?


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Even main stream Catholic news CNA said that the pagan Priestess that presided over the tree worship service presented the Pope with a,black ring identical to hers and symbolizing the marriage between mother earth and liberation theology!

Ecological ritual performed in Vatican gardens for pope’s tree planting ceremony


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Pope has picked 67 voting members of the College of Cardinals.

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The Holy Father has spilled a great deal of ink impressing upon the First World its duty to welcome economic migrants. Now he’s turned to spilling bronze. The Vatican has become the new home of a lumpy brown mass depicting a crowd of emaciated figures evidently waiting for their chance at a better life


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