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Greta Thunberg Meets With Barack Obama To Talk Climate Fear – On Info Wars

Yet he obviously doesn’t think there’s much of a chance of climate causing a rise in the oceans since he bought his $15 million mansion on the shore in Massachusetts


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The Ultimate Form Of Ecology And Government Is The Tribal Model ?!

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The Tribalism Movement Is Coming – How UK Professors Mainstream Cannibalism As Normal – American TFP


The Tribal Movement Also Wishes To  Redistribute Property Based On The Re-order The Culture

House Dems want to strip tax-exempt status from pro-family groups who oppose homosexuality | News | LifeSite


The relatiobship between the promotion of homosexuality and communism

Impenitent Communist Deputy Re-Admitted to Priesthood – On gloria.tv

 Italian Communist Eugenio Melandri, 71, has been re-admitted as a priest by the gay-activist and Bologna Neo-Cardinal Zuppi. Melandri entered in 1974 the community of the Xaverian


Seminary defends confessing sins to plants: ‘Beautiful, moving ritual’ |And A Much More Natural Indigenous Way To Confess That To A Person | The College Fix Climate Education

Union Theological Seminary students ‘confess’ to plants -Campus spokesman calls it ‘a beautiful, moving ritual’


Brain Washing In Canada Begins – As Canadian student hypes ultimatum to bear no children Until gov’ts act to combat climate change; an odd threat

Students vow ‘not to have children’ until gov’t stops climate change | News | LifeSite


Recent Archive – Powerful Voices Both Inside & Outside The Catholic Church Call For Syncretism – | TCE |


Amazon Synod: Preparatory Documents On The Vatican Site Give Reason For Fear – OnePeterFive

“Conflating legitimate activities with abuse of indigenous peoples and Mother Earth to produce a Marxist interpretation of the world. No amount of mercantile activity or development, it would seem, is acceptable.

It is posited that the only alternative to the synod’s proposed way ahead is industrial raping of the earth and subjugation and elimination of indigenous peoples.  In short, the document identifies the culprit for all the earth’s woes as colonialism — that is, Western culture — focusing exclusively on the sins of the West.”


“Unabashed Nationalist” Politician Demands More Control Over Immigration, Cultural Preservation – NewsWars


Green Is the New Red: The Metamorphosis of Communism – TFP.org


Recent Archive

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The Communist Model Seeps In No Dissent Allowed: Chaos as protesters disrupt climate skeptic Morano’s speech at Georgetown University – Campus police shut down event – Activists ‘would not accept the hosting of’ skeptics – Video | Climate Depot


Bishops of Eritrea Protest Against Communist Persecution – On FSSPX.News

In Eritrea, where the Church to a great extent provides care and education services—two areas deserted by the administration,—the power is in the hands of the totalitarian regime of Issayas Afeworki, a rebel turned Maoist, who seems to have made the fight against the Church his priority. The bishops of the country have just sent to the government a solemn and unpublished protest.


Hungarian Town Builds Catholic Church on Former Communist Estate – On CMTV


Celebrating a Staunch Anti-Communist on the 100th Anniversary of American Communism – Phyllis Schlafly: ‘We don’t get fooled again! No! No!’ – On CMTV


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Situation Worsening for Chinese Catholics after Vatican-China Agreement 

It is increasingly difficult to attend Mass – On CMTV 


China and Vietnam. Two Accords Bought At a High Price – Magister On Settimo
Cielo – L’Espresso


Catholics Increasingly Bullied to Join State-Run Church

Communists Ramp Up Persecution of Chinese Underground Catholics
Authorities shutting down underground Mass venues and threatening faithful with arrest.


The Young Conservative Push Against Socialism – On CMTV 


Pope goes to Mozambique to confirm communist President – On Church Revolution In Pictures


World’s Leading Greenhouse Gas Emitter  – None Other Than China !  Taps Out of Global Climate Strike – On Info Wars

Activists spanning over 150 countries participated in the global climate strike Friday, but activists in China — the world’s leading greenhouse gas emitter — were noticeably silent as protests were not authorized in the country, according to reports.


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Communist NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Wishes Dem “Comrades” Good Luck – Substantiating The Democratic Party is the party of Communists and Socialists – On Info Wars


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Hungarian Town Builds Catholic Church on Former Communist Estate – On CMTV


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Stories of the Supernatural from Beyond The Grave From Padre Pio | The Last Things | ANF Articles


September 23 – He ensured the immunity of non-combatants in warfare St. Adamnan of Ireland, Abbot – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Also called St. Eunan’s Cathedral, after St. Adhamhnáin.