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The latest news in traditional rite mass circles comes to us from Saint Agnes Church Manhattan the long held fortress of Catholic tradition on midtown’s east side from long before the Benedict XVI moto-proprio has the following news to share

Fr. Barrett, the Pastor, informed the  M.C. of the St. Agnes’s traditional Masses, that he was going to celebrate the Novus Ordo in Latin and ad orientem on Sept. 22nd, and suppress the traditional Rite Mass. Parishioners have asked Fr.. Barrett, for a meeting following his return for a retreat today. His intention is to further reduce his Ad Oreinetum Novus Ordo  to once a month. Most believe this is the first step in a plan to eliminate the traditional Mass from St. Agnes’s in  contravention to Summorum Pontificum. Prayers are being asked for as this new supernatural battle against the forces of darkness begins

Here are some other notable events to attend

Today’s Ember Friday abstinence and fasting continues with a Sung High Mass of Ember Friday at Holy Innocents NYC at 6:00pm

And another high Sung Mass of the season changing Ember Saturday at 1:00pm at Holy Innocents as herbs of the season , violet flowers and violet liturgical vestments abound

Monthly Novena of Sacro Monte Novi Velia At OLMC Lyndhurst – 2019 See Flyer->

Prayer and Fasting Crusade For The Amazon Synod By Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider advisory document – on the link below ->

Crusade of Prayer and Fasting

Thursday Sept 26th Mass For The Persecuted Middle East @ The Church Of The Holy Family NYC @7pm – 315- E47th

Pilgrimage Upstate Sept 27th 28th, and 29th or just come for the finale Mass –

Auriesville, New York Walking Pilgrimage To The Shrine Of The N. American Martyrs / A Pilgrimage for Restoration | Come to restore. The rest will come.


Feast Of The Holy Guardian Angles – October 2nd -Traditional Sung Mass @ Holy Innocents – Neptune NJ @6pm

National Shrine of Padre Pio, In Barto PA – Bus Pilgrimage Oct 5th From OLMC Newark 2019 Flyer see below ->

Tuesday October 15th – Mass Celebrating The Canonization Of Newman 2019 In The Ordinariate Rite @ The Cathedral in Philadelphia – See flyer for more details

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Statue of St John Chrysostom at St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City. Photo taken by drswan