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Powerful voices both inside and outside the Catholic Church call for syncretism –


What started with masonry is now  penetrated the walls of the religions and institutions of the world

“In the Church approved prophesy of Our Lady of Good Success These years beginning in the 19th century during which the evil sect of masonry will take control of civil governments – will see a cruel persecution of religious communities , and it will also strike out violently against that of mine ( inclusive of the Franciscans of Ecuador ) “ taken from Our Lady’s words in the book Prophesies For Our Times by Dr. Marian Horvat

Powerful voices call for syncretism

In short the synthesis of the world religions or religious integration , is the only way to meet the challenge of our time and to achieve world peace and many powerful voices are being raised to this end – so say distinguished Methodist minister Dr. Paul Hutchinson , as recorded in Time Incorporated and in Christian Century magazine beginning in the 1950s He began urging Methodists and the world to understand that Christian , Hindu , Muslim and Buddhist must begin to stand together within a central understanding of their faith “

Anglicans followed suit as well as many other religions

While we all know that this originated from the mason inspired theosophy of the Blavatsky and Alice Bailey etc…..it mushroomed into support from two previous unrelated entities secular Judaism and Communism from within these movements they always saw themselves as transition entities “towards” a one world religion

For the movement of this “universal brotherhood” , between the late 1800s and the 1950s thousands of meetings were had between organizations like “the World Congress of Faiths, the world spiritual council, sufism , the world spirutal communist congress, union for the study of the great religions, the United Nations crusade, The World Parliament of Religions , and many others. Some of the world’s religions including the Roman Catholic Church illegally , in violation of Canon law sent represetnatives – of Priests and Bishops to many of these events  One year after the creation of the United Nations in 1946 came the World Spiritual Council, and in 1948 Judaism was revived with the vote to create the Jewish State of Israel – which was founded by powerful forces that wished to counter balance the power and speaking voice of the Catholic Church

These and other amazing facts are collected within the research data of John Cotter in his 1980s research book A Study In Syncretism – A small book but packed with facts.

With the new world media having rapidly connected the world’s newspapers together via the telegraph systems and radio programs – the world’s religious leaders did not want to be seen as not being aware of the international trends and being part of some world movement so huge percentages of religious leaders sought to change their religions within

It also illustrates how many Tielhard de Chardin Societies that arose by the 1960s which were leading the charge with the new word dialogue by beginning a “dialogue” between Christians and Communists

Communism at the table brought the door open to the anti-Christ movement – With Masonry continuing in the background , The Anglicans , and Secular Judaism began to drive the dialogue of governments being open to elements of Marxism

It took root in the thought Universities and places like Oxford drove it home –

We then had a disguised revolution fully underway and breakout at Vatican II , , the 1968 Anglican Lambeth Conference called for inter-work with Marxism , and in the process of this era many new denominations were created breaking away from Methodism

Catholic thinkers entered the fray with force ignoring the previous Pope Pius X proclamations against modernism and attempted to define what they were doing as a much needed something else.  Jose Maria Diez Alegria in Christianismo e revolucao’

“This is why individuals who feel a thirst for justice , a vocation of fraternity – regardless of whether or not they explicitly have religious faith – ask themselves what can be done to structurally change the world. This means to admit the prospect of revolution”

This is the thought that lead to the Council’s overthrow and its subsequent 1970s continued revolution that gave rise to the evolutionist concept of history , theology, and doctrine . – which will continue to seek to out an ever changing Church , to change vocabularly and the definition of life .

The Conciliar Catholic Church then invents a new concept of “A Servant Church”  

The Church herself makes use of temporal things insofar as her own mission requires it . She does not place her trust in the privileges offered by civil authority To the contrary she will even given up her rights which have been legitimately acquired it if becomes clear that their use will cast doubt on the sincerity of her witness or that new ways of life now demand new methodsVatican II Guadium Et Spes

The Church now has no desire at all to intrude herself into the government of the earthly city She claims no other authority than that of ministering for the services of men with the help of God in the spirit of service Vatican II – AG-12c

In ecumenical dialogue Catholic theologians investigating divine mysteries with the separated must now proceed albeit with charity and humility Vatican II – UG 11c

Many books written by the Council participants expand this thought basically into another religion , a syncretistic religion

The old religion must die

The Church prompted y the Holy Spirit must walk with the same path taken by Christ , a path of poverty and obedience, of service and self- immolation even to death , from which death came forth a victor by His Resurrection  Vatican II – AG-5b

Evidence abounds

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In the “Church of Vatican II,” You Never Know Where You’re Going ‘Till You Get There – On The Fatima Center

Here we see a classic element of the Modernist system: its historicism.  In his masterwork Iota Unum, a penetrating multidisciplinary study of baneful changes in the Church (meaning her human element) since Vatican II, Romano Amerio explains historicism thus: “Historicism, being the consideration of existence detached from any fixed essence, finds reality only in movement, and gives rise to a universal mobilism. Indeed, once one does deny the transtemporal element in every temporal thing, which consists precisely in its fixed nature, being dissolves into becoming, to the exclusion of any abiding reality, even though in fact the latter is necessary in order to conceive of the very notion of becoming.”


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  • Freemason Inspired Protestantism Helped Draft the Documents  (credits David Martin – EP on the following points )

    According to the preeminent Catholic writer and historian Michael Davies, the ensuing “disease of ecumania” that spread throughout the Church after Vatican II was the “direct result of the presence of Protestant observers at the Second Vatican Council.” In his book on the new Mass, Davies states, “Six Protestant observers were invited to advise this Consilium. They played an active part in the preparation of the new Mass.” (Pope Paul’s New Mass)

    Far from being mere observers, these delegates were acting as an advisory board to the Second Vatican Council. Monsignor Baum (later Cardinal Baum) in an interview with the Detroit News on June 27, 1967, commented on the role of these six Protestant participants. “They are not simply there as observers, but as consultants as well, and they participate fully in the discussions on the Catholic liturgical renewal.”

    According to Dr. Moorman who headed the Anglican delegation at Vatican II, these participants were able to “make their views known at special weekly meetings of the Unity Secretariat and had personal contacts with the Council fathers.”

    Professor Oscar Cullman of the Lutheran delegation summed it up on December 4, 1965: “The hopes of the Protestants for Vatican II have not only been fulfilled, but… have gone far beyond what was believed possible.” (Xavier Rynne, The Fourth Session)

    In a book published by Dr. Robert McAfee Brown, one of the Protestant “observers” at Vatican II, he praised the Council’s decree on ecumenism because it acknowledges the ecclesial reality of Protestant assemblies and because it negates the need for non-Catholics to convert to the Catholic Church. (Dr. McAfee Brown, The Ecumenical Revolution)

    Cardinal Augustin Bea S.J., who headed the Vatican’s Secretariat for the Promotion of Christian Unity, boasted of the contribution made by these Protestant advisors in formulating the conciliar decree on Ecumenism. “I do not hesitate to assert that they have contributed in a decisive way to bringing about this result.”

    Professor B. Mondin of the Pontifical Propaganda College for the Missions stated that observers such as Dr. Cullman made “a valid contribution” to drawing up the Council Documents.”

    Is it any wonder that Vatican II was instrumental in setting into motion an unprecedented departure from Church tradition? The fact is that professed enemies of the Church were at the helm assisting in the drafting of documents for an ecumenical council of the Catholic Church!

    This is not to suggest that the Second Vatican Council wasn’t started with good intentions, but that it was infiltrated through the orchestration of Judases within the Vatican. There is an abundance of documented evidence showing that Vatican II was hijacked in the opening session by rebel bishops because Pope John XXIII had planned the Council without their advice and against their designs.

    We gather that Cardinal Tisserant, the key draftsman of the 1962 Moscow-Vatican Treaty who presided at the opening session, was part of this scheme to usurp Vatican II. According to Jean Guitton, the famous French academic and personal friend of Pope Paul VI, Tisserant had showed him a painting of himself and six others, and told him, “This picture is historic, or rather, symbolic. It shows the meeting we had before the opening of the Council when we decided to block the first session by refusing to accept the tyrannical rules laid down by John XXIII.” (Vatican II in the Dock, 2003)

The Coming Solution assisted by Divine Intervention for Holy Mother Church

Souls Who Will Begin Restoration of The Church

“ The first significance is that at the end of the 19th century and into the 20th century various heresies will be propagated As these heresies spread and dominate , the previous light of faith will be extinguished in souls by the almost total corruption of customs During this period there will be great physical and moral calamities , both private and public.

The small number of souls who, hidden , will preserve the treasure of Faith and the virtues will suffer  a cruel unspeakable and prolonged martyrdom many of them will succumb to death from violence of the suffering , and those who sacrifice themselves for the Church and Country will be counted as martyrs.

In order to free men from bondage to these heresies , those whom the merciful love of my Most Holy Son will designate for that restoration will need great strength of will , constancy , valor , and confidence in God To test this faith and the confidence of the just , there will be occasions when all will seem to be lost and paralyze . this will be then the happy beginning of the complete restoration. these chosen souls who will restore the health of Church seem to be very similar to the apostles of the latter times predicted by St Louis De Montfort”

Prophesies for Our Times  


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