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Pan-Amazon Synod Will Address a Region That Is No Longer Catholic -By By José Antonio Ureta  On The Society For The Defense Of Tradition Family And Property

While evangelicals filled this void throughout the country, it is now being disputed in the Amazon in a struggle between shamans and evangelical pastors. Instead of abandoning its purely earthly, ecological-Marxist “preferential options” and starting once again to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Pan-Amazon Synod seems bent on backing the shamans against the pastors.


An Awkward Ally for the Synod’s Organisers – By José Antonio Ureta On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

The enthusiasm of Guido Viale and (Communism’s) Il Manifesto for the upcoming Synod’s preparatory documents undeniably are proof positive that the accusations of heresy and apostasy of which the latter have been the object are true.


Environmental Psychosis and the New Socialism – Juan Antonio Montes On The Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


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Among them was “the Braz” , the  crusher of the Immaculata and other Traditional Catholic orders 


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On the Msgr. Walter Rossi investigation, Pope Francis’ past and more


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Pan-Amazon Synod Will Address a Region That Is No Longer Catholic

Photo inset tourists look on at the Catholic ruins