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From the book A Study In Syncretism – The Background And Apparatus Of The Emerging One World Church Movement – John Cotter’s 1979 book , with reprints for the 10 years that followed – pointed to major activities on the global international front in the 1950s on the fronts of the landscape of the Catholic Church’s various arms , the United Nations, the UNESCO, the Word Council of Churches , the Theosophy fields in escalating convergence

The following are some key parts of the study

H.G. Wells saw what was going on and eerily supported by saying and was quoted as saying “The Coming World -state will be based upon a common World Religion , very much simplified and universalized and better understood .

The religious symbol of the United Nations Headquarters is a statue of Zeus a Pagan God symbolizing lust, incest and procreation with bestiality – representing a world honoring a resurgence of paganism in the new world order

In 1957 Methodist Minster and writer and social teaching commentator apostatized calling for a convergence of all religions in the Christian Century Magazine , a prominent protestant journal of the era.

The Theosophists contributed with numerous  books under the same theme “ We are witnessing the advent of a universal religion , in the coming international fellowship of religions”  Mrs. Alice Baily and then again , “the religion of the ancients is the religion of the future” Madame Blavasky –

The Bahai world faith is the revelation in the spirit of this age which will re-unite the political sphere into the highest ideals that are inclusive of all religions The Bahai’s constitutions maintain that each of the great manifestations of God , Zoraster , Moses , Buddha , Jesus , Mohammad , and Baha U’llah were all divine

When you pass one of the kiosks set up in the subways stations of the Hare Krishnas you see the young people flock to these type of teachings to find out more about the pagan one world religion , with the message that “the planetary citizen is now catching on “

What is overlooked is that this policy and the Bahai world view is identical with of the official communist policies laid down by the socialist nations . The architects of the new world order hide behind these lesser movements to recruit the young and corrupt them by the supposed higher ideal of utopianism

In 1916 Lenin proclaimed

The aim of socialism is the elimination of the fragmentation of humanity in petty states and the individualism of nations , not only the coming closer of nations to each other , but their necessary merger and fusion

In Laudato Si’ Pope Francis illustrated officially his near identical world view to which he has, in more unofficial forums,  stated the mandates for our times even more forcefully than Lenin

Latching on to this was the Women’s Liberation Movement which officially promoted contraception, abortion, lesbianism, and divorce in being the original advocates for the initial federal subsidies for all of the above.

It then merged with the teachings of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and the first group of Bishops to begin promoting these thesis of relgions were the Canadian Bishops . Teilhard de Chardin was a well known pantheist and evolutionist whose previously sanctioned teachings Pope John Paul II completely resurrected and promoted . de Chardin participated in the French version of the World Council of Churches , the WCF (World Council of Faith)  back in 1947 when it was completely forbidden in the Church and warnings and sanctions he ignored

It was picked up by Vatican II periti in the 1960s – Dialogue between Christians and communists began taking place in England , Austria , and France mainly through the Teilhard de Chardin societies Cardinal Konig present at Vatican II became the Vatican Secretariat for non-believers He then became the author of more heretical unofficial Church documents than the average Catholic can imagine

We now see the exact same revolution progress in closely interrelated steps

To be continued ………….

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