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Castel Gandolfo Abandoned By The Pope As An Erstwhile Papal ‘Residence – – Salesians Ordered To Become An Environmental Oasis’and Museum As The Property Falls Under Attack By The Vatican’s Environmentalists


Socci on Bonzi versus Bonino: A Symptom of Ecclesial Heat-Death – Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center

What is Francis’s “greatest fear for the planet”? Not divine chastisement on account of civilizational apostasy, but rather “the disappearance of biodiversity, new lethal illnesses, a drift and devastation of nature that could lead to the death of humanity.”


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Big families will be the next target in the culture wars | Catholic Herald

An angry lobby declares that we need to cut family size to save the planet. It’s time to fight back


Global warming won’t result in World War III, but a leftist takeover could | | LifeSite


Pachamama Worship and Combating Free Enterprise – Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

It is about “converting” a growing number of members of the Catholic hierarchy to the worldview of “Pachamama” or “Mother Earth.”

In Chile, following in the footsteps of the bishops’ pachamamic ceremonies, Conferre (association of Chile’s Men and Women Religious) recently unveiled an “ecumenical” initiative to care for “Creation” under the bombastic title of “Interreligious and Spiritual Alliance for the Climate in the Face of COP 25.”


It necessarily follows from the previous premise that private initiative, individual property, and the desire to participate in social and economic progress are nothing but “curses” of capitalist society that must be eliminated.

This “elimination” must logically have two consecutive steps…………as follows……..what is bad is all those who defend ‘private property’


“For the same reasons,  what is bad for the areas where indigenous peoples are located is bad for the rest of the world. Hence, those who propose the primitive community of the most backward peoples as an ideal of life, condemn “sine qua non” all those who defend private property.

This condemnatory vision of progress and the exaltation of peoples without private property suggests that this neo-theology is nothing but a rehashed version of old communism.”


A Review of “The Human Tide” by Paul Morland and “Empty Planet” by Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson

But demographics are clearly part of destiny. If their role first in the rise of the West and now in the rise of the rest has been underappreciated, the potential consequences of plateauing and then shrinking populations in the decades ahead are almost wholly ignored.


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Environmentalists Then Cannot make Up Their Mind As To What Tract Is Harming The Planet – They Are Just Sure That It Is Being Harmed And That The Social Order Of The World Has To Change – Some Alarming Examples Follow

During my own visit to a Panera Bread location in Portland Oregon earlier this year was a strange experience.  I asked for one hot cup of tea and a single baked goods item , since they don’t have anything like a bialy or focaccia out there

( and since our children were loaded with all their Mother’s provided healthy snacks already in the car)  I asked what the cost was and the counter girl said that it was “whatever you wanted to pay”  ?!I had money in my hand and just wanted to pay what I owed – I asked again but I could not get an answer to my question and gave her $5 and she said that was more than enough ?1It was the strangest visit to a café’ I had experienced I then found out the Karl Marx experiment that the traditional Catholic Church always objected to recently crashed and closed see below

This is How Panera Found Out That Socialism Does Not Work – On Return To Order


Environmentalism is distributism and socialism in Catholic clothing

A Guildsman’s Interpretation of History – review by Patrick Odou


Mom of 3 Arrested, Jailed for Putting Recycling in Wrong Color Bag – On Info Wars


Jesuits Take A Hard Left Turn  –Having Favored Homosexuality, America Magazine Now Softens Catholic Rejection of Communism – TFP


Socialism Eventually Turns To Armed Communism And Economic Collapse

Turning Women Into “Gestators” Is the Way to Abolish Motherhood – TFP prolife

Motherhood to be removed from its role as a powerful, ideological tool that conditions individuals to become workers in “the system,” to accept exclusive male-female designations or reinforce property structures


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From the recent archives on these interrelated topics

What Saint Pius X says about equality – In the motu proprio Fin dalla prima, of December 18, 1903, Saint Pius X summarizes the doctrine of Leo XIII on social inequalities: On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites