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CMTVs previous reports that Cardinal Tobin is part of the sexual abuse cover-up is substantiated yesterday as West Orange NJ’s President of Road to Recovery and his attorney reveal 20 more abused victims and 12 more accused Priests , previously unreported by Cdl Tobin when his chancery’s records were raided by the State Attorney General’s Office

Attorney identifies more accused priests in New Jersey  – Names of 12 aren’t on earlier list of more than 180 – On Crux


Receding Waves: Child Sex Abuse and Homosexual Priests Since 2000 – A Comprehensive Ruth Institutes Study  


This Is What Comes After the Transgender Revolution – American TFP


As the Homo Minister proposes to criminalize help to those seeking therapy -By Dr. Maike Hickson On TIA


Michael Matt Stands Up to Defend The Priesthood

Watch – PRESUMED GUILTY: Open Season on Catholic Priests -On The Remnant Newspaper On YouTube

What’s going to happen to the Catholic priesthood? Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the visible Church? With the largest fraternity of traditional Catholic priests in the world recently accused of harboring predators and becoming a safe haven for abusive priests, Michael J. Matt considers the ramifications of weaponizing the clerical abuse crisis. Should we operate under the presumption of guilt, or do we stand in defense of the right of every priest in the world — Novus, Sede, Trad and Neo-Cath — to have benefit of due process and the rule of law? Have we learned anything from the case of Cardinal Pell? Is an accusation the same as a conviction if we happen not to like a particular priest, bishop or society? What happens when all the priests disappear? No Confession, no First Communion, no Last Rites. Plus, why are there no priests left in the Protestant sects? Michael Matt argues it’s because the purpose of the priesthood — the Sacrifice of the Mass — was removed. So, what’s happened to the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church? It’s been Protestantized.


Hate Crimes Against Poland’s Catholics Rise After Profane Gay Parades – Catholics are being harassed with impunity’ in Poland- By Jules Gomes – On CMTV


STUDY: Men Being Eco-Friendly Can Cause Others To Question Sexual Orientation – Pro-environmental behavior considered ‘feminine’ | Climate Depot


Report: Mario Lopez may have lost hosting gig even after apologizing for trans toddlers remarks | News | LifeSite


Fr. James Martin is a false teacher, must be rebuked by all faithful Catholics By Matt Gaspers| On LifeSite


Supreme Court to hear ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity’ case Oct. 8 | News | LifeSite


Mario Lopez is Being Attacked For Saying 3-Year-Old Children Shouldn’t be Encouraged to be Transgender – On Info Wars


ACLU Blames ‘Inaccurate Stereotypes’ For Opposition To Male Athletes In Girls’ Sports  On Info Wars

“Equal participation in athletics for transgender people does not mean an end to women’s sports,” the ACLU wrote in a tweet on Tuesday promoting the propaganda campaign. “Trans women are WOMEN.”


Uruguay archbishop waffles on pro-trans law as citizens vote on whether to repeal | News | LifeSite


Amazon Just Banned My Dad’s Therapy Books, Caving to LGBT Activists


The gaying of Major League Baseball, and every other professional sports league, is almost complete | LifeSite


Homily In St Peter: Sodom and Gomorrha Were “Not Destroyed” But “Spared” –On gloria.tv


Capital One thief is a biological male, not a woman – a ‘trans’ | News | LifeSite


DC’s ‘Corrupt Gay Mafia’ On CMTV’S Mc’d Up Show


Contraception and sodomy go together like a horse and carriage, and both are officially coming soon to the antichurch in ascendance –On non veni pacem


English Bishop: Yesterday Latin Mass, Today Gay Mass –On gloria.tv


White House Confirms Global Campaign to Protect Homosexual Acts – C-Fam


Peña Parra: Gay Accusations Against Deputy Secretary Of State Confirmed – On gloria.tv


Polish bishop: There is no consent for LGBT propaganda! –On gloria.tv


THE EQUALITY ACT: A CATHOLIC PERSPECTIVE – The Lepanto Institute https://www.lepantoin.org/the-equality-act-a-catholic-perspective/

Canada’s bizarre trans-waxing controversy – spiked as Female waxers are being branded ‘transphobic’ because they refused to wax a trans-woman’s bollocks.


Man who identifies as ‘female’ asks city to approve LGBT pool party for ‘topless’ 12-year-olds, no parents | News | LifeSite


Allentown Diocese cuts office staff by nearly 25% to pay for sex abuse victims – The Morning Call


Can we slow the speeding ‘trans’ train?  | LifeSite


Rhode Island Parish Associates Pentecost With Pride Month – On CMTV 


Pope Francis Has Appointed “Many“ Gay-Supportive Cardinals And Bishops –On gloria.tv


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City of Narbonne in south of France, and the Saint Just cathedral, viewed from the Gilles Aycelin dungeon. Photo by Benh.