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Movement of the traditional Rite Mass is predominantly of young people says James Bogle, former president of the “Una Voce Federation” on the Old Latin Mass, and Pope Francis, who will not and cannot abolish that rite –  On gloria.tv


Then we have the other Church within the Church which claims, without any substantial evidence,  that young people are gravitating towards it showcasing Medjugorje as the model of the new Church

30th annual Youth Festival opens in Medjugorje – with  50,000  people attending the 30th  event – On Vatican News


But the long standing truth of the matters reveals- a comparison between the teachings of the Catholic Church contrasted with the “revelations” of Medjugorje – On gloria.tv


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Communism linked gay propaganda which he called “rainbow disease,” are rooted in the same source.


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Execution of the order is made by known practicing homosexual and Under The  Secretary of State Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra who himself is under the Socialist leaning head of State


Watch Pro Homosexual Bishops Hypocritically Charge Racism | On CMTV”s The Vortex

https://www.churchmilitant.com/video/episode/vortex-racism-and-bishopsArchbishop Viganò: Pope, Vatican Officials Covered Up Abuse Names Abp. Peña – On CMTV

The second case that Abp. Viganò discussed was one involving Abp. Edgar Peña Parra, the Venezuelan prelate whom Pope Francis appointed substitute for the Secretariat of State last year.

Archbishop Viganò said about Francis’ appointment of Abp. Peña Parra, “In doing so, the pope essentially ignored a terrifying dossier sent to him by a group of faithful from Maracaibo,” the archdiocese where Abp. Peña was ordained a priest in 1985.


The Vatican Sends JPII Down the Memory Hole – On Crisis Magazine

If there was ever any doubt that Pope Francis’s Vatican regime is determined to subvert the doctrines of Pope John Paul II, the shameless conduct of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute’s new administration ought to stand as indisputable proof.


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Pope Strikes Down Traditional Right to Assign Pastors by the Laity in Ischia – On Eponymous Flower


Major Media Has Ties To The Socialism Movement

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Here is what the socialist eco-religion created

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The counterpart to the Transfiguration of Our Lord is his temptation in the desert