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Parallels today can be drawn between what played out in Jonestown and its horrible end and what is on the way for the Roman Catholic Church. Like Jonestown, the true Catholic Church will probably have a remnant of 2% or less — maybe not even that, if the globalists have it all their way. 


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When your once-great religious order is dying, and the face of your magazine is James Martin, LGBTSJ, you may as well jump off the cliff.

America magazine, the journal of the U.S. Jesuits, has just published an essay by its Toronto correspondent entitled “The Catholic Case for Communism.”


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These religious women are realizing the “Church of the Future” predicted by Vatican II Moderator Card. Leo Suenens, who played an active role in the modernization of religious life for women.

As we read in Animus Delendi I by Atila Guimarães, Suenens declared that the Council would “free the Church from the burden and customs of another era that need to be buried.” (p. 65). The “burden and customs” of the Dominican habit, Rule, and spirit of prayer and contemplation have certainly all been buried by these Spanish nuns.

Here is a small sample of how the Conciliar Church has “renewed herself,” a renewal that in fact points to death and destruction.


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As this study draws to an end, many a reader will ask himself: How then can we avoid a nuclear hecatomb? It is quite clear that if Catholics decide to hold fast to the principle of private property, the Communist powers will lose all hope of imposing their system on the world by peaceful means and will resort to war. In view of this, would it not be preferable to give in to them regardless of what the doctrinal consequences might be?



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