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Disappointing turn of events at Saint Michael’s Media /Church Militant as the apostolate continues to lose credibility with unprofessional sub-standard journalism , as it continues to pursue a previous agenda of attempting to divide traditional Catholics and berate the Society of Pius The X

It comes at a time where all traditional Catholics are in desperate need of uniting not just Latin Rite but also the traditional Eastern Catholic Rites and some of the schismatic orthodox Rites are seeking unification as one but see so much division in our own ranks and so much heterodoxy in the Papacy and the Vatican that it runs against the greater scheme of this not being just a faithful Catholic resistance movement but the necessity of it also being a Restoration Movement

While we ourselves are not SSPX , these are our brothers and sisters here. And when traveling, on vacation , or on the road and faced with exposing your children and oneself  to the novus ordo revolution or going to an SSPX Chapel even for main Sunday Mass common sense dictates that we would always attend a Society Chapel

As all our friends,  extended family , and traditional Catholic news followers know – We’ve lauded the work of CMTV in the past -attended several events of theirs in the past  and  linked their articles on an almost weekly basis on key subjects , not just the pro-life movement but even when they graciously self criticized their own biased reports on the early years of this disastrous Pontificate all Catholics are braving through. But today sounds a warning bell from within our own camps that a discerning look needs to be taken by all of us on their reporting, its accuracy and in some cases, like this one ,  potentially a hidden agenda

SHELTERING PREDATORS? (SSPX Silences Church Militant’s Dog Whistle) – On The Remnant Newspaper

As Editor of The Remnant I regret to say that the author of the Church Militant hit piece, James Baresel, has occasionally appeared in these pages as a guest columnist. It goes without saying that unless and until Mr. Baresel publicly apologizes for this broad-brush calumny leveled against the SSPX, his byline will never again appear in The Remnant. MJM 


Press Release Concerning Church Militant Article Regarding the SSPX – District of the USA

On July 23, 2019, Church Militant published an article entitled “Is the SSPX Sheltering a Sexual Predator?” by James Baresel. This misleading and slanderous report deserves clarification. Both charity and justice should be hallmarks of any Catholic.


SSPX Responds to Church Militant Accusations – On Catholic Family News


More Defensive Amateur Journalism Of Tabloid He Said She Said Disappointingly Descends From Church Militant

In this childish rebuttal article that lost all sense of journalism and should never have been published by any organization seeking a status as a reputable News Agency the author James Baresel , makes statements likeI would expect even the theologically malformed priests of the SSPX to be aware of……..” Just unacceptable writing that makes one wonder if Church Militant is going to come out against Catholic Traditionalism in general and advocate instead for the Catholic world to all turn to the strange minority Catholic undertaking of the Reform of the Reform Movement – Ad Orientum Novus Ordo Masses with Ordinary parts of the Mass in Latin and everything else in the vernacular The choir returns to the choir loft and sings orthodox protestant hymns and newly made vernacular Catholic hymns ect..…which is obviously not the future of the Church but the restoration of the traditional eastern and western Rites of the Church are clearly , the future of the Church , as also seen the remaining faithful educated Catholic youth

Author Responds to SSPX Allegations of Dishonesty


Unlike Other Apostolates The SSPX Continues To Write On/Teach On and Keep The Sex Abuse Crisis and Remediation Properly In Focus

Attacking the Abuse Crisis with Consumer Protection Laws – FSSPX.News

The sex-abuse scandal, which continues to engulf the Catholic Church, has brought down the ire of secular authorities throughout the United States. In an attempt to hold Catholic dioceses accountable, one State has turned to its consumer protection laws. Will this help alleviate the problem?


SSPX Report from Sri Lanka: Update Following Easter Attacks — On Catholic Family News


From The January 2019 Archives – More Unfounded Attacks Against the Society Of Pius The X

Vatican Pits Ecclesia Dei And The SSPX Toward Each Other & The Dissolution Of The Roman Rite – & Photoposts | TCE |


Anyone who saw the reports from the field from the Chartres Pilgrimage saw 10,000 people come together , camped out and Marching  towards a High Altar in Paris Ecclesia Dei Orders , The SSPX, and Independent Chapel & Church Catholics , opposed to the revolution in the Church and united as brothers and sisters in the religion of our Fathers, Grandfathers and the Saints. Therefore the reports of Church Militant are gravely inaccurate , amateurish and not representative at all of the current climate of the Traditional Catholic movement

May 2018 Archives

News Updates From Our Friends Over At SSPX | TCE |


July 29 – He regained the hearts of his people only after his death – St. Olaf Haraldson Martyr and King of Norway (1015-30), born 995; died 29 July, On 1030 – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Painting of St. Olaf in San Carlo al Corso, Rome. Photo by G.dallorto