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The advantage of using these narratives in these debates is that they are abstract and predetermined. Such is the genius of identity politics. They put people in neat little compartments out of which neither oppressor nor opposed can get out. A Hispanic woman will always be a victim of systemic discrimination, and no amount of wealth will take her out of victimhood. A liberal white man will always be the holder of “white privilege,” no matter how many times he confesses his sins in public.


Watch – Mass apostasy, doctrinal confusion sure signs of anti-Christ – 1 of 2 | The John-Henry Westen Show

Catholic novelist, author, painter, and speaker Michael O’Brien says that “wherever there is confusion, ambiguity, a cloud of vagueness beginning to dissolve the actual clarity of the living Gospels…we have at least a factor that will contribute to the ultimate delusion which Satan and the anti-Christ will bring upon mankind


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On The Two Churches In The Catholic Church The architects of the revolution attack via the redefinition of sin ,  morality , grace , and the Sacraments

Please be sure and share this Vortex with any friends or family you have who are stuck in the Church of Nice. It’s really intended to help open their eyes — to red-pill them, as the expression goes.

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Aside from the Vigil of Saint Anne where many people follow abstinence and at least one meal fast we have

The Feast of St Christopher  Saint Of July 25h – That has assisted us on many a treacherous journey – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


The Feast Of St. James the Greater, Saint of July 25


Saint Christopher