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We believe that there are somewhat mistaken notions as to the sources of our research concerning Benedict XVI not from any second hand sources, nor from the media , nor from the current Vatican but from the writings and addresses of Benedict XVI himself

Due to misunderstandings of same in comments from a reader we post the following substantiations

The Vatican II progressivist morality began attacking original sin very early on in disclaiming Adam and Eve and the inherited sin of fallen creation as mythology It led to the personal interpretation of each individual as to what sin is for them according to their interpretation of Scripture As we know from 2 Peter 1:20 there is no personal interpretation of Scripture. It has been substantiated by more than several traditional Catholic theologians and historians  that Benedict XVI is from the same school of thought as Francis I

Francis I to date has only encouraged the every day practice or applications of Catholicism (suing their terminology ) He has not changed dogmatic theology or canon law in any substantial way (other than the death penalty ) Benedict XVI on the other hand as Fr. Ratzinger as, Cdl. Ratzinger and Pope has official documents and addresses that attack Catholic dogma

Here are a few of many examples quoting his writings that have never been retracted by Pope Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger / Benedict XVI in any way

“ Already in the Chapter of Genesis which deals with Adam’s fall new questions emerge . How can one bring this into harmony with the knowledge as natural science demonstrates – that man starts not from above , but from below ; he does not fall but gradually ascends, having now accomplished the metamorphism from animal to human being ? What about paradise ? Long before man existed , suffering and death were in the world “ J. Ratzinger Fe’ e Futuro page #11

These and other teachings of his are taken from his colleagues Pierre Tielhard de Chardin , Henry de Luba, Karl Rahner, Hans Kung and Hans Von Balthazar and are the basis of Francis I applications and the basis of the Fathers of conciliar Catholic thought and practice

Here in that same book of his , Ratzinger doubts the creation of man and woman “ Let us look at the general picture and see where the critical points are to be found…thus the problems continue, page by page in the Bible . It is in great part inaccessible to us ; there is the figure of clay in the hands of God becomes man, as well as , soon after it, the formation of the woman taken from the side of the sleeping man and who is recognized by him as the flesh of his flesh , that is , as an answer to his solitude .” Quite unbelievable J. Ratzinger Fe’ e Futuro page #12

Fe & Futuro (Spanish Edition): Joseph Ratzinger: 9788433021441: Amazon.com: Gateway


Hans Kung ( A Igreja) then quotes Ratzinger at length in his writings to all the Council Fathers as the Rhine continues to flood the Tiber . “The six days of Creation and the narrative of creation of man are , as we are all aware of today, images that do not describe the scientific course of the evolution of the creation of the world, but proclaim, and still proclaim to today’s man, the glory of the sovereignty of the creator. “

Basically they still believe in an intelligent creator even though they do not believe in the creation narrative, the fall of creation , and many other particulars unique to Catholic dogmaIn case one believes these teachings of Benedict XVI were just one-offs in some old book he wrote and spoke as follows proclaiming that original sin was basically a construct architected to teach but is not real . This is the core progressivism

He says the evil is on the earth , not in original sin he denies the narrative of Adam’s sin as an historical fact


These heresies are located here so that you can read it for yourself from his December 2008 General Audience, spoken and in writing

“”Evil does not come from the source of being itself , it is not equally original . Evil only comes from a freedom creation from a freedom abused ” How is it possible how did it happen ? This remains obscure , Evil is not logical . Only God and good are logical Evil is not logical . Evil remains mysterious  . it is presented as such in great images , as it is in chapter 3 of Genesis , with that scene of the two trees , of the serpent and the sinful man, a great image that makes us guess but cannot explain what is itself illogical We may guess but not explain it as fact nor may we recount it as one fact beside another, because it is a deeper reality. It remains only a mystery of darkness and light”


In General Audience in February 2013 he returns to his thesis that is the foundation of the modernist -progressivist Catholicism of a symbolic Genesis and the relativism of sin

“ However our question today is “ In the age of science and technology does it still even make sense to speak of creation? How should we understand the narratives of Genesis  ? The Bible does not intend to be a natural science manual ; rather it wishes to make the authentic and profound truth of things understood. The fundamental truth that the accounts of Genesis reveal to us is that the world is not a collection of forces that clash with each other; it has its origins and its permanence in the Logos, in god’s eternal Reason, which continues to sustain the universe “

“Then the serpent is a symbol that comes from the Eastern fertility cults that fascinated Israel and were a constant temptation to abandon the mysterious covenant with god “


These are just a few examples – There are dozens and dozens of others coming directly from Benedict In Benedict XVI’s Angelus Address of March 13th 2011 which can easily be brought up he brings up the same errors

He is their philosopher , the foundation was built they merely needed a St Gallen implementer of the new religion We see these new ideologies is the way for the progressivism school of prelates , represented by Benedict XVI to try to absolve not only non- Catholics and non-Christians nut atheists as well. Those who do not believe in God as well ass those who adhere to other errors. According to their progressivist concept of evil , for each type of belief or disbelief a different notion of sin applies and is relative to each person . In other words , evil itself – they teach – is relative , depending on the more or less clear notion that one has of the goodness of God . In brief , evil is subjective and to this , the new Catholicism and the conciliar Popes stand united

This is obviously wrong Catholic doctrine affirms the correctly applied metaphor regaarding original sin: After the objective sin of Adam , the world became the kingdom of darkness, and the dominion of the Devil. For this it was necessary for our Lord to come to redeem mankind . Again this doctrine is quite clear . Confusion only enters when it is denied

There is much more on how Pope Francis I builds on the teachings of Benedict XVI and quotes him extensively is seen in multiple places for example in Francis homily in St Peter’s Square on December 8th 2015

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