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Sources have it that Lena the out-going Planned Parenthood czar refused to carry through with piggy backing the House Democrats call for pushing the fictional social justice issue that transsexuals – (men dressed up in women’s cloths and operated on to look like women) must be subsidized and cared for in case they wish to have abortions

Her behind the scenes argument against pushing something to the center that is scientifically impossible is that PP would lose all credibility , be tagged as a Democrat Party lobbyist group for the transsexual movement and should instead focus on abortion as a “right” within health care . The PP board illustrated that this was not the trajectory of the culture and their organization right now. It is in all actuality preparing for the election with thesis statements aligning themselves with these other positions in moving as far left as the organization is  capable of going. And on that note they fired her because she does not understand the priorities of the new global religion

So the interwoven nature with liberal politics as the evolving consequences of the separation of Church and State continue. The question being repeatedly asked is , how did it get this far and to what extent is the Church actively driving much of this.

The Roman Catholic Church has retreated from the public square and has instead quietly enabled the revolution in all its sectors with the ideology and theology of the philosophers of the Vatican II Council Fathers – full stop .

What is the philosophical revolution and its components in the Church that enable all this ?

The Vatican II periti and reverend Fathers Karl Rahner , Henry De Lubac , Joseph Ratzinger , Hans Von Balthasar , and their cosmology author – (although not present in person a the Council – but there in spirit with all his books and papers in circulation ) which was and still is – Pierre Tielhard de Chardin .

They maintained evolution with a fervor . and not just ape to man – But man’s understanding of God and Man . and man’s on-going redefinition of both subjects. Evolution is essential to them to overthrow Genesis and Adam & Eve . Why ? original sin must go . Sin and the human must be redefined as evolving and not having fallen and in the process of being restored . In their view God the Father is the one in the process of being restored by the god-man Jesus who is not so much redeeming humanity but redeeming the sin of God the Father and the fall of the Trinity -in their dualism

This heresy is at the heart of Vatican II theologians , exegetes , and philosophers in order to overthrow original sin , which they teach to the youth in the NEW Catholic Schools that it is a myth  Why ? For the egalitarian redefinition of hierarchy for the exaltation of the feminine  Why? What is the end result ? Their belief is that the original humans were androgynous and the redemption is the process of restoring humanity to androgyny which cannot be fulfilled until original sin is completely overthrown and redefined Why? In order to back up the Church’s secularization and embracement of the new world order it must have new Catholic philosophies . For them this was one of the primary drivers for the Council.  In order to create and implement new interpretations Genesis is denounced as eastern mystery religion by the Council Fathers and they overwhelmingly passed legislation to empower themselves to bring about new moral norms within these new and evolving mystical notions

This androgynous race will be the elite in their restoration and will lead the abolishment of property to communal ownership of everything as one – Evolving towards one gender and one ownership , in order to accomplish these goals the Sacraments to which the Graces of Salvation are attained and sustained MUST be changed and to this they have complete unity on

In their views , the past concepts of Sacramental marriage MUST be renounced as well Exorcism of babies in the Sacrament of Baptism , renounced further still is the absolving of sins by God through a Priest on ones knees in a closed Confessional – renounced in favor of the new empowerment which is face to face reconciliation whereby the Priest merely participates in the forgiveness that comes from “the Community” The Sacrament of Extreme Unction of the dying is disestablished in the new order and the Sacrament of the anointing of the sick for anyone of any condition that feels they need it  …..and these new Rite Sacraments are in necessary of changing because the new human within his new rights is evolving and changing

The most important aspect of this is that morality and sin is evolving as is the human . Its not just some homosexual lusting of some Priests for other Priests. It’s part of the new Catholic religion withinside the Church This is what they believe and it’s not secret . It’s published in the majority of the Council Father’s philosophers many text books, articles , papersm and talks

The unwritten oral portion of all this that accompanies it , that they follow in practice that outfits like Church Militant TV , Tradition In Action , and others are diligently trying to expose due to their Catholic faithfulness in order to help restore the Church, as the laity are not optioned to do but commanded to do , in times of crisis,  as they have in previous centuries of the Church

These prelates and philosophers believe that men MUST get together with other men sexually as should women with other women and in their cosmogenesis they will , together , evolve to God’s original creation prior to God the Father’s sins within the Trinity

Here are some details of their beliefs

  • Everything that was followed in the way of core beliefs in Catholicism prior to the Council were due to ignorance
  • People that do not tolerate all sins, all religions , and all of the above mentioned must be called out for the greater sin of ‘intolerance’ to the new order
  • The original humanity was designed to live as androgynous humans forever and to not own property The idea of a male King , a Christian theocratic ruler , that owns the majority of the lands of a Christian country and distributes a feudal system through the monasteries and together control a country or a Catholic state is supposedly the Catholic Church’s  #1 former heresy that must be reversed to the eternal feminine who shares communal property which they consider true love
  • The new Catholic religion cannot be based on the previous (preconciliar) Faith but must be based on Love in their redefined sense.
  • This is why it appears that Bishops are not doing their job and publicly fighting in the public square They believe this trans revolution is a necessary stage of their conciliar Catholic understanding of human evolution

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Unfortunately, those examples in Hoboken and Lexington can no longer be considered exceptional. If you think your own diocese is free of such problems, you should probably think again. Are there one or two parishes that welcome and encourage LGBT activists? Has Father James Martin come to speak to a parish or college group? Are there gay-straight alliances in parochial schools? If so, then you should address that situation before you begin to worry about the secular activists. We must speak with clarity. We must show unity in support of Christian morality. We must display the integrity that comes only when we practice what we preach.


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