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No update yet on the evolving story of the prolifers arrested in an Abortion Mill in NJ on the July 13th appairiotion anniversary of Fatima, two of which were Priests

Mrs. Lisa Hart representative of LifeNet, NJ Right To Life and Red Rose Rescues tells us that Father Fidelis Moscinski a Franciscan Friar of The Renewal Priest and Father David Nix, a traditional Catholic Priest stationed in Louisiana and often writer and contributor to One Peter Five were among the arrested

They managed to save one baby whose mother of the mother was attempting to force her daughter to murder her grandchild by force

2 priests, 2 pro-life activists arrested trying to save babies inside New Jersey abortion center | News | LifeSite


Additional Comments from both Father D. Nix and , the famous prolife activist and author of the popular pro-life movement book Abandoned ‘ Dr. Monica Miller located here

Priests, Laity Arrested for Trying to Save Babies in NJ Abortion Mill


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Planned Parenthood Shakeups Continue

The Less Reported Prolife Movement That Was Born Out Of The Abortion Movement – Eugenics and Euthanasia  On The Rise

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This Is The Regular Fire Drills In At Least One Abortion Mill In The Country Every Week Sometimes More


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In this March We Are All Surrounded By A Continuing and Escalating Revolution

Bastille Day : Blood, Death, and Exterminating the Beautiful – By Laramie Hirsch On OnePeterFive

This week’s Bastille Day in Paris featured a man flying around on a brand new flyboard prototype, designed by inventor Franky Zapata. This “future soldier” buzzed through the air above the crowds and underneath a sky clouded in the colors of France’s flag. In his hands, he brandished a rifle in the hopes of demonstrating the tactical application of this new technology for law enforcement and the military. At first blush, this wondrous spectacle looks like a peek into a hopeful and advanced future of scientific wonders. But after a moment’s thought, when you’ve had time to unpack and realize the implications of such a technology, an uneasy feeling settles into your gut, and you begin to realize that maybe — just maybe — what you’re truly seeing is a glimpse into a horrific dystopian future of oppression and fear.


We all need to develop the mentality of the Catholic Martyrs if we wish to halt this Revolution

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