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The Theological Hypothesis of a Heretical Pope -On The American TFP


Catholic Monitor: Is Francis a Antipope or a Heretical Pope who “Must” be Deposed by “the Church” according to Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales?


Watch – When Revolutions Fail –  Nagasaki to the Vendee –The Remnant TV -Via  YouTube

Michael Matt’s talk (simultaneously translated into Japanese) answers the questions: what can Catholics today learn from the French Vendeans who resisted the French Revolution to become the original Traditional Catholics?

What can the remnant of Catholic believers around the world today learn from the “first responders” against the New World Order in the Vendee as well as from “Hidden Christians” of Japan who kept the faith for over 250 years — without the mass and without priests?


In Pope Francis News

The Amazon Synod And The Pope’s Continuing Tribal Revolution

A Pope At One With Tribalism, The European Union, Communism, Homosexual Clerical Cover-up,

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