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We are witnessing the continuing fall out of the separation of Church and state as we live through the Conciliar Church’s sub -revolution in post the world’s three major social/religious revolutions as today’s drudge report / news-blog round up clearly illustrates


Can the Public Square Be Value-Neutral in Today’s America? – TFP.org


Anti-Catholic Hate Crimes Skyrocket in France, Mainstream Media Keep Silent – On The Remnant Newspaper


CATHOLICS FIGHTING BACK: Michael Matt Interviews Senator Rick Santorum – On The Remnant Newspaper –


UK media personality draws shock, horror, accusations of “Islamophobia” after calling Islam “violent” – On Breitbart


Social-media giants are clearly suppressing pro-lifers  Heavy hitter Live Action says it’s weighing legal options

Live Action Plans Response to Social-Media Suppression of Pro-Lifers – On NC Register 


More censorship: extensive new blocks of Jihad Watch by Internet providers in Europe and Israel – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Facebook posts then deletes rules allowing calls to violence against ‘dangerous individuals’ | News | LifeSite


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Conspired With Abortion Activists to Ban Pro-Life Ads Before Ireland Vote | LifeNews.com


Mark Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Banned Pro-Life Ads Before Ireland Legalized Abortions | LifeNews.com


Abortion, Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Forced on Northern Ireland/ U.K. lawmakers vote to impose radical policy shift on Belfast (mostly through media control) – On CMTV 


Facebook Shuts Down Populist Italian Pages Before EU Elections – On Breitbart


Google, YouTube Label Pro-Life Advocates “Nazis With Dogwhistles” | LifeNews.com


New Gallup Poll Shows More Americans Say They’re Pro-Life Than Pro-Abortion | LifeNews.com


These books helped thousands quit homosexuality. Amazon just banned them. | LifeSite


BREAKING: Tommy Robinson to Seek Political Asylum in United States, Says He Will Be Murdered in Prison  – On The Gateway


Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison – On Breitbart


The Media Drives Home The Fear Of Non-conformance To The Children In The Same Way They Did In The Beginnings Of The Hitler Youth Program

Teen Who Said There Are Only Two Genders Expelled from School – On Breitbart


Interest rises in Marianne Williamson, New Age ‘spiritual guru’ and 2020 Democrat contender | News | LifeSite


Real Or Fake ?-  Watch Live: House Holds Global Warming Hearing on ‘Melting Glaciers’ This Reality IS Their Priority


Rep. Raskin: Border Crisis Fueled in Part by ‘Climate Change Refugees’ – On Breitbart


Trump’s ‘Social Media Summit’ Will Not Stop Big Tech For a century, Democrats sought censorship with help of U.S. bishops – On CMTV


Trump condemns ‘censorship’ in tirade against social media – “They are playing with a lot of minds” On The NY Post


Leftists Slam Trump Social Media Summit – On CMTV

White House event calls out social media censorship of conservatives; media liberals push back


Another virtually unreported story

Court Rules President Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood, Will Cut Almost $60 Million in Taxpayer Funding | LifeNews.com


Brawl Breaks Out in Rose Garden Between Conservatives and Media – On Breitbart


Vox Populi Vox Dei: Pope Attacked by Hoard of Angry Italians in Twitter Rampage – On The Eponymous Flower


Brutal Media Attack On A Faithful Catholic Bishop – On gloria.tv


Liberal Catholics Criticize US Bishops’ Spokeswoman for Conservative Tweets – On CMTV


Vatican official praises (Fake) Catholic media for coverage of sex abuse crisis – NCR

Msgr. John Kennedy heading the Vatican Office that reviews sec abuse cases – confirms the raging revolution in the Church’s clergy


The corruption of mainstream Catholic media means that CMTV is one of the very few independent faithful Catholic news organizations reporting the truth and a perfect example of the necessity of their existence lies here

Anatomy of a Takedown | The Vortex


Jesuits and The New York Times Continue to Attack Catholic Doctrine -On CMTV 


“Politically Correct” Ecology: An Impious and Inhumane Ideology – TFP.org


We Are Witnessing The Convergence of Hollywood , The CIA, The Democrat Party , And Masonry ( And From The Catholic Perspective With the Complete Support of The Majority of US Bishops

Listen to some of these well researched authors on geo-politics You can listen to 2 or 3 of their 2 hour shows like radio(via You Tube)  that will give you FACTS that will blow you away 

While they do not understand the modernist  Christian revolution and its current forceful bend-back to gnostic paganism at the root of the revolution , they do intrinsically understand context and where we are in the stage of the era of revolutions 

The geo political CIA controlled drugs alcohol, rock & roll and sexual revolution that brain washed all of us was carefully  architected and heavily funded 

In proper context of their minor research in where it sits in my research  It is all ( this generation / phase ) merely a sub revolution of the third revolution 

The protestant revolution that was founded on the false gnostic enlightenment was a phase 1 reorg of Europe and the invention of personal interpretation of Scripture 

It was primarily founded by gnostic enlightenment of an occult influence  

And the desire to overturn Catholic teaching on the ban on interest and banking 

THE major revolution 2 built on revolution 1 The French revolution The exaltation of the rights of man over the rights of God as funded by freemasonry and Jewish bankers and supported by the liberal protestant elements of revolution #1 

Revolution #3   builds on 1 and 2 and was never meant to be a permanent installation like revolution 1 and 2 

The communist revolution,  meant to overthrow Christendom.  the remaining Catholic theocracies,  dissolve all classes , all celibate clergy,  and all distinctions to make equals of everyone to begin World War I and re-org the global economy and reduce its populations in order to  eliminate the dogmas of the primacy of Kingship of Christ and his laws as the controlling elements of the world 

These descendants of the first revolutionaries are now Hollywood’s radical perversion , global control mentioned in these in restorative documentaries  and its convergence with the new religion that is the Democrat party in the US and the elites of the UN  and UNESCO iin their global ecology religion is merely a continuing related sub revolution to the same above mentioned revolution 

The original Hollywood elites and contemporary 1960s music elites were all from power family elites of the original families of the American revolution , the Adams family and other generational families of the former colonial revolutionaries We see now that was constitutionally designed for one thing , to perennially continue the American revolution in keeping with the mythology that all things are evolving not just the ape becomes man fable but all things are evolving , from Christianity’ s base truth of twoism existing in all things to global oneism 

We are witnessing prophesy after prophesy being fulfilled – I can tell you the frame work of the next series of major events for this   generation and the next almost to the letter 

The wisdom of Our Lady and The Mystical Body of Christ which is simultaneously  both His Kingship and His Church will continue to Shine for Him and his Saints in the making through all these generations unto the end of days 


July 12 – Aristocrat Missionary to the United States of America – July 12 – Comte de Charles-Auguste-Marie-Joseph Forbin-Janson – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


July 12 – Irish-American Aristocrat Physician – William James MacNeven – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


 Two worlds diametrically opposed one in a battle to  a holy death in order to restore the Kingship of Christ , the other driving head-on , through a freeway that has only one direction 

The Vendee Of Our Day Has Arrived-