News Shorts From Around The World To Follow-up On

The dots are connecting together on their own

  • The editor and chief of the Catholic Herald, UK Damian Thompson, has resigned under pressure as the Vatican attempts to silence growing public criticism against itself and Pope
  • At the same time Mount Stromboli in southern Italy erupted with multiple large properties on fire  while Vladimir Putin & his entourage was being received by Pope Francis
  •  The State government of Indianapolis has petitioned the Vatican to have Bishop Thompson removed from office due to his ban on practicing honosexuals working in Catholic schools in the State of Indianapolis
  •  The Federal Government of France continues to starve to death  Vincent Lambert, the paralyzed handicap, who wants to live and does not want to be a euthanasia victim. France TFP has an outdoor vigil going with prayers flyers and bagpipes that continues to grow
  •  The US Supreme Court surprisingly  continues to refuse to hear cases challenging Roe vs Wade
  •  Riots have begun in Hong Kong with many killings as mainland China begins its take over movement
  •  Several socio-,geo political liberal professors have been asked to write papers for the upcoming Amazon synod on changing the concepts of ” property ownership ” in western countries

July 5 – St. Michael de Sanctis – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


July 5 – He founded the Barnebites and reformed two religious orders, but only lived 37 years – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


St. Antonio Maria Zaccaria