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The Cardinal Joseph Tobin Allows Dissident Priest to Celebrate Second Annual ‘Gay Pride’ Mass | Complicit Clergy


New Jersey Catholic Church Celebrates LGBT ‘Pride Mass’ – On Breitbart ’


Society of Tradition Family And Property Lead a Prayerful Protest in front of historic former Irish Parish of Our Lady Of Grace Catholic Church –

As the lavender mafia descended the  reparation of prayer event leaves the local Police perplexed at never having seen Catholics protesting Catholics as the two Catholic Churches within the Catholic Church lying beneath the surface since the Council beak into the open. The former Irish enclave of a Parish in a former docker workers town of can factories, folding box companies and coffee mills is historic not only for its age. It appeared in the famous movie On Th Waterfront with Eva Saint Marie and Marlon Brando about corruption in Hoboken and a Priest who would fight against the locals against corruption

The Church’s spire and bell tower is the tallest of the five Catholic Churches in the mile square town. What sits to one side of it is the fallen Catholic School that was the largest of six Catholic schools – six stories on a full square block of Catholic education prior to its demise in post of the Council to its other side sits the former Catholic Hospital of Saint Mary’s , the town’s only Hospital , now also fallen into secular control. We now see the Parish on the brink of falling into dissolution and revolution as we witnessed what appeared to be practicing homosexuals entering the Church for Mass holding hands and kissing while wearing beach attire.

We are witnessing the late hours on the cusp of the fall of the late great western civilization


A blessed feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to you! -On The Fatima Center


Urge the University of St. Thomas to STOP Funding Pro-LGBT Events on Campus – TFP Student Action


A Tale of Two Jesuit High Schools – On Crisis Magazine


UK Teacher Suspends Catholic Student for ‘Homophobia’ Child punished for claiming LGBT is against his religious beliefs – On CMTV


Catholics Protest NJ Pride Mass – On CMTV

Dissenting pro-gay priest allowed free rein in Newark under Cardinal Joseph Tobin


Fr. Martin at gay ‘pride’ Mass: Pope has appointed ‘many’ pro-LGBT cardinals, bishops | News | LifeSite


Pope Francis Has Appointed “Many“ Gay-Supportive Cardinals And Bishops –On gloria.tv


Even McCarrick’s investigators are covering things up| LifeSite


Kentucky Bishop Slammed for Homosexuality-Affirming Prayer As Bp. John Stowe’s prayer suggests homosexuality reflects God’s glory. 

Patrick Coffin on Twitter: “This ain’t weaponized ambiguity, folks. @BpStowe is a sitting bishop of the Catholic Church. This is his Pride prayer/message, cheered on by @JamesMartinSJ. https://t.co/QPeNUUhAqL” / Twitter


Rhode Island Parish Associates Pentecost With Pride Month – On CMTV 


IKEA Fires Worker for Quoting Bible on Homosexuality /Poland launches investigation into anti-religious discrimination – On CMTV 


Even if we are hauled before the courts, we stand against same-sex ‘marriage’ || LifeSite


Petition supports girls who don’t want to race boys who identify as ‘girls’ | News | LifeSite


Outraged California Parents Mobilize Over New Sex-Ed Program -Described as pornographic and sexually risky – On CMTV


McCarrick: One Year Later Catholic Victims Weigh In – On CMTV

Key Insight – After the French revolution the Church lost the system of checks and balances of  the morality of the hierarchy of the Church by the King and his court with the suppression of the nobility and we’ve never had a replacement system of accountability ever again!


Record 698 openly LGBTQ officials currently serving in the United States – GOPUSA


Top Tribunal Rules in Favor of Polish Catholic Who Refused to Print LGBT Banner /Conscience is becoming a battleground in anti-discrimination issues – On CMTV


US bishop promotes ‘celebration of Pride’ with prayer card, rainbow crucifix | News | LifeSite


Homosexuality and the Rebellion Against Nature  – On The Eponymous Flower


New Vermont Law Would Require Taxpayers to Fund Sex Change Operations For Children – Summit News

Citizens have until July 17 to voice opposition to the Medicaid expansion plan.


Petition supports girls who don’t want to race boys who identify as ‘girls’ | News | LifeSite


How Francis Promoted the Lavender Mafia in Belgium –On gloria.tv


Chart: 4.5 Percent of U.S. Adults Identify as LGBT | Statista  ( Yet they are completely in control of the media and the narrative )


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Vatican’s new critique on gender theory a ‘toothless lion’: Catholic sociologist | LifeSite


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Psychologist: Vatican Document on Gender Theory Really a Compromise – On CMTV 


Marygrove has been hosting Masses conducted on behalf of the Detroit chapter of Dignity USA, an LGBTQ group professing to be Catholic.


Watch – Speaking From His Hiding Place Fr. Paul Kalchik.    | The Vortex


 Abp. Viganò names DC National Shrine rector Msgr. Rossi as homosexual predator | News | LifeSite


From The Recent Archives

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July 1 – Condemned to death for promoting the Catholic faith, he responded “Deo gratias” – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Saint Oliver Plunket


July 1 – Venerable Thomas Maxfield – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

English priest and martyr, born in Stafford gaol, about 1590, martyred at Tyburn, London, Monday, 1 July, 1616. He was one of the younger sons of William Macclesfield of Chesterton and Maer and Aston, Staffordshire (a firm recusant, condemned to death in 1587 for harbouring priests, one of whom was his brother Humphrey), and Ursula, daughter of Francis Roos, of Laxton, Nottinghamshire.


July 1 – The Marquis of Lescure destroys two thirds of Westermann’s army and saves the lives of captured enemy soldiers – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites The Vendee and The Sacred Heart On The Move

On the 1st July he burned the town of Amaillon; he then set fire to M. Lescure’s chateau at Clisson, and sent a detachment to destroy La Durbeillère, Larochejacquelein’s family mansion at St. Aubin.


This is an illustration, said to be from about 1680, of the permanent gallows at Tyburn, which once stood where Marble Arch now stands.

The Vendee On The Move

Preparing For the martyrdom of the next generation

Photograph of the Saint Michael Shrine taken at traditional Mass of the Sacred Heart of Saint Stephens Catholic Church in Kearny