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The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Symbol of Combativity & Restoration of Christendom – On TIA


The Counter-Revolutionary Role of Devotion to the Sacred Heart by Plinio Correa de Oliveira


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Romantic Irony (Part 3) -On Tradition Restored


Is destruction coming near to Rome for those who attack Sacred Tradition of the Traditional Rite and traditional Catholic dogma ?

‘Let’s Not Wait for the Theologians’ by Marian T Horvat On TIA


Sheen Disinterred From St. Patrick’s Cathedral – On CMTV


Another traditional order follows the Franciscans Of The Immaculata into the cross hairs of the Vatican mafias wrecking ball aimed at traditional orders

Saint Benedict Center Needs your Help: Its Survival is in Jeopardy – Catholicism.org


Cardinal Sarah: “We must rebuild the cathedral … We do not need to invent a new Church” – Catholic World Report

The spire of the cathedral of Paris has fallen: and this is no coincidence! Notre-Dame of Paris symbolizes the whole West, buckling and crumbling after turning away from God. It symbolizes the great temptation of Western Christians: no longer turned toward God, turning inward upon themselves, they are perishing. I am convinced that this civilization is living through its mortal hour. As once during the decline and fall of Rome, so today the elites care for nothing but increasing the luxury of their daily lives, and the people have been anaesthetized by ever more vulgar entertainments. As a bishop, it is my duty to warn the West: behold the flames of barbarism threaten you!


Spain: 14 nuns, martyred in Spanish Civil War, beatified – Cardinal cites vivid testimonies referring to their deaths

Homily of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints at the Mass for the Beatification of María Carmen Lacaba Andía and 13 companion martyrs


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