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In getting to the bottom of the current societal chaos & disorder, along with the revolution within Catholicism, and its changing teachings on non-Christian religions. most especially Judaism ,brought about by the Vatican II Council fathers, (most especially then Cdl Ratzinger , leveraging the previous works by his progressive colleagues and predecessors of the current revolution) .

Quoting from Attila Sinke Guimaraes Animus Delendi II

Jewish messianism would thus appear to have two streams , as Hons Von Balthasar pointed out. That is to say there would be a biblical messianism , which would find its more contemporary expression in Zionism , which preaches the hegemony of the Jewish people established in Israel and the ascendancy of its new religion over all peoples and there would be a secular messianism , which finds its translation in the Communism of Marx or in the socialist regimes of the kibbutzim applied in Israel ( Kibbutz – definition mine- is a communal settlement in Israel in which all property is held in common and profits are reinvested in the settlement and private property is slowly abolished )

The topic of Catholic and Jewish Messianism was revisited by the Pontifical Biblical Commission (PBC) in its book The Hebrew People and its Holy Scriptures in the Christian bible (Pontifical Biblical Commission 2001),  with a main preface by Cdl J Ratzinger . The PBC is an organ of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith to which Cdl Ratzinger was at the time its official Presiden.

The PBC spoke at length on the new teachings of the Catholic Church . The PBC illustrated their view of the messianic mission of our Lord Jesus Christ and compared it to the Jewish hope of a messiah It stated the notion of the fulfillment of the mystery of Christ is extremely complex and can be distorted if one unilaterally insists on either continuity or discontinuity of the fulfillment of the prophesies of the old testament in the new testament The Christian faith acknowledges the fulfillment as a simple realization of what was written Jesus does not limit himself to carrying out a per-established role as that of Messiah . Rather he confers to the notion of  Messiah and salvation a plenitude that was impossible to imagine before (for the Jewish nation)

We must realize that certain apologetics does , upon the merit of the proofs attributed to the fulfillment of the prophesies . Such insistence upon the merits of the proofs, attributed to the fulfillment of the prophesies. Such insistence has contributed to the Christians severe judgment of the Hebrews According to their reading of the old testament the reference to Christ becomes evident in the old testament texts , the more incredulousness of the Hebrews becomes justified …..It goes on and on until this new version of Catholicism lands, and crash lands it does, into a complete pantheistic naturalism

A Guirmaraes then summarizes as follows:

By Assuming such a doctrine the Vatican’s PBC affirmed that the messianic mission of Christ still has not been completely fulfilled This is no longer Catholic doctrine , it is a pantheist and gnostic fable directly opposed to perennial  teaching of the Holy Church and very close to the myths of the Jewish religion

Along with this affinity existing between progressivist Catholicism and Judaism regarding Messianism , there are countless other progressivists who affirm that the Jews did not lose their status as chosen people. Such a statement certainly presupposed progressivism’s voluntary submission to govern the elect “people’ ( and hence the Zionism concepts interwoven in globalism, economics, the revolution in the Catholic Church, Israeli military escalation, the middle east’s hatred of the newly created state of Israel etc..)

Traditional Catholic teachings are fundamentally clear that the old covenant between our God and the Jews was completely abrogated and replaced by the new Covenant of the mystical body of Christ whereby the Catholic Church is the new Israel, in a new covenant and final covenant that established a new ‘ordained’ Priesthood based on a mandatory apostolic succession.

The average traditional Catholic sees clearly that Cdl Ratzinger and the Pontifical Biblical Commission teachings, out of these Vatican II think tanks, are not merely heretical notions but a full and complete apostasy

We now provide substantive back ground sources on the paradigm shift of the new world order coming out of the revolutions in research works and key quotation from two of the colelctions of Father Denis Fahey’s famous Roman Catholic work and research.

Fr. D. Fahey is a trained traditional Catholic historian, philosopher, theologian,and political scientist who  gives both an insiders view, a politically incorrect Catholic version of history (by today’s standards) as well as the now suppressed traditional Catholic teaching on Judaism in two free text books available online from his research which spanned from World War III through the 1950s

  1. The Kingship of Christ vs. The Jewish Nation by Father Denis Fahey- pdf on the link –>

Kingship of Christ, Fahey, Fr. Denis

2. The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society by Fr. Denis Fahey pdf on the link –>

The_Mystical_Body_of_Christ_and_the_reorganization_of_society_Redlined Pages On Bread

Also available online …..–>


The Jewish nation, instructed by the Prophets and Figures of the Old Testament, and, lastly, by St. John the Baptist, was meant to turn upwards, at the bidding of God become man, and to put all its splendid natural qualities at the service of the True Supernatural order of the world. Instead of doing so, it turned downwards to the slavery of a self-centred ambition dictated by national pride.

The attitude of Saul prior to his conversion on the road to Damascus is typical of the corrupt ideas concerning the mission of the Messias, which had taken hold of Jewish minds, and had led them to reject Our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul saw the truth about the Mystical Body of Christ after his conversion, and tried to get his fellow-countrymen to recognise their error, but the nation as such refused to listen.

What are the characteristic traits of Talmudic formation ? Let us hear them from very different sources. Mgr. Landrieux, Bishop of Dijon, France, in his excellent work, L’Histoire et les Histores dans la Bible, outlines the effect of the Talmud as follows : ‘* It is a systematic deformation of the Bible . . . The pride of race with the idea of universal domination is therein exalted to the height of folly . . . For the Talmudist, the Jewish race alone constitutes humanity, the non-Jews are not human beings. They are of a purely animal nature. They have no rights. The moral laws which regulate the mutual relations of men, the Ten Commandments, are not of obligation in their regard. They oblige exclusively between Jews. With regard to the Goim (non-Jews) everything is allowed : robbery, fraud, perjury, murder.

The decay was morally inevitable in any case, because of the opposition of the Jewish Nation to our Divine Lord Jesus Christ, the Unique Source of that Life through which alone the ordered tendency of individuals and nations can be maintained. It was elaborated on this point at some length in Fr. Denis Fahey’s other excellent traditional Catholic book The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society (pp. 155-160), also free and linked below

Additional key excerpts from Father Denis Fahey – screaming for further traditional Catholic studies into his bibliograph footnotes which are sourced extensively from the Church Fathers and the established ‘eternal’ magisterium of the Church.

A sad commentary on the fulfillment of the ” eternal message to mankind of the immortal prophets ” is that the Declaration of Independence of the Zionist State, issued on the day it was proclaimed, contains no mention of God. So we read in an article in The Canadian Intelligence Service, April, 1952, quoting The Christian Century. The article further states that ” the majority of Palestine’s Zionists, including most of the leaders of the new Israel, are aggressively secularist. ‘ Zion without God has become Israel without God.’ It is an ominous portent.” The triumph of Marxism is doing its deadly work of corrosion and perversion.

Marxist Communism has not only accentuated the materialism deplored by the Fathers Lemann amongst the Jews of their day, This has galvanized it into action by the hope of world conquest. For Marx, man is purely material, but as matter, man is God. Marx, like his friend, Heinrich Heine, was a pantheist. ” This descendant of a line of Rabbins and doctors,” writes the Jewish historian, B. Lazare, ” inherited all the logical vigour of his ancestors.

Marxist Communism has not only accentuated the materialism deplored by the Fathers Lemann amongst the Jews of their day, This has galvanized it into action by the hope of world conquest. For Marx, man is purely material, but as matter, man is God. Marx, like his friend, Heinrich Heine, was a pantheist. ” This descendant of a line of Rabbins and doctors,” writes the Jewish historian, B. Lazare, ” inherited all the logical vigour of his ancestors. He was a clear and lucid Talmudist

a Talmudist who studied sociology and applied his  natural aptitudes for exegesis to the criticism of Political Economy. He was full of that old Hebrew materialism which ever dreams of a paradise on earth and always rejects the far-distant and problematical hope of a garden of Eden after death.

Yes ! Marx was a revolutionary and no ordinary one, for he combined Jewish Messianism with the pantheistic philosophy of Hegel.

Karl Marx borrowed some of primary understandings from the Talmud which is also opposed to ‘private property’ and believes in communal Jewish property as the State of Israel understands it – into “their materialism’

Thus the Zionist ideal is completely opposed to that of Abraham and the Patriarchs. ” The just of the Old Law,” writes the ex-Rabbin Drach, ” did not attribute to the Messiah they expected, as does the modern synagogue, the mission of restoring our nation to Palestine, and bestowing upon it glory and the goods of this world, but that of winning our spiritual salvation, as in point of fact Our Lord Jesus Christ has done.

Several Fathers of the Church have expressed the thought in their commentaries.

” Israel’s failure to correspond,” says Origen, ” has been the occasion of the calling of the Gentiles. We have taken their place and thus have become the true Kingdom of Juda. But our last times will resemble those of the Jews because of our sins, in fact they will be worse,”2 . Origen, Fourth Homily on Jeremias. The Fathers Lemann cite also a few lines from Origen’s Explanation of the Epistle to the Romans, Chap. XI.

The Alliance of Jewish Finance with Communism—Lenin at the source

The passage quoted by Mr. Churchill runs as follows: “By sending Lenin to Russia, our [German] Government did, moreover, assume a great respon­sibility, but from the military point of view his journey was justified. Russia had to be laid’ low. But our Government should have seen to it that we were not also involved in her fall.” Mr. Churchill then continued: “Lenin was sent into Russia by the Germans in the same way that you might send a phial containing a culture of typhoid or of cholera to be poured into the water supply of a great city, and it worked with amazing accuracy. No sooner did Lenin arrive than he began beckoning a finger

The Freemasonic well of research data connecting the era of the French revolution to Judaism and the Communist revolution , to Italy and on to being exported into the US is a deep well

Decschamps then goes on to show how the Masonic plan of Palmerston was realized by the destruction of the States of the Church, in the course of the formation of the Kingdom of Italy, and by the union of Germany under Prussia.

The Masonic role of Palmerston is dealt with at considerable length in Dcschamps, op. cit., and in Mgr. Dillon’s book, The War of Anti-Christ with the Church and Christian Civilization

In Dr. Friedrich Wichtl’s research ,1 the accusation levelled at Jewry and Freemasonry of having continually worked against the interests of Germany. Wichtl then shows how Freemasonry then throughout the world turned against Germany during t h e Great War (1914-1918). He shows also that the Communist Republic in Munich and the whole Communist movement in Germany and Russia after the Great War was the work of Judeo-Masonry and Brothers/. Toller, Levien, Axelrod, Wadler, Ewinger, Lenin and Trotsky, etc., etc.1 On

The ultimate aim of the occupation of Rome was not attained, at least completely, by the conquest of political unity. We are speaking now, not of the intentions of all those who co-operated therein, but of the plans of the Sectaries who were the Prime Movers in the affair. No : that act of violence . . . . was intended by the Freemasons to be simply a step towards the accomplishment of a deeper, darker design . . . . In order to attack the spiritual power of the Holy See, a beginning was made by overthrowing i t s earthly rampart . . . . Is all this the triumph of Italy ? Is it not rather the advent of apostasy ?

In particular he proves that it was through Masonic pressure that Italy entered the war against Catholic Austria and Germany which many people at the time did not understand , but the fruits of the globalism of this new world order we see today as if that was the old testament of history and we are now living the new testament of the same history unfolding in our time.

Many more connecting of the dots can be brought to bear here but this has to be studied further


** Here are some additional key substantiating stories of intertest interwoven into this topic**


I once attended (as a journalist ) a NYC protest between Orthodox Jews and Israeli Jews along 7th Avenue (with Police barricades for several blocks long) while Obama was still President

I learned a lot and gleaned a sense of almost hatred that the Israeli Jews have for the Orthodox and Hasidic Jews – On the other side of the road I interviewed the Orthodox/ Hasidic Jews asking their perspective . It was here that I learned their position that states that “the majority” of the world’s Jewish REJECT the occupation of the land of Israel (which also the new Covenant /New Testament ) illustrates clearly was land forever taken away from the Jews in an abrogated Covenant

The orthodox jews also explained to me what is meant by Zionism . These Isrealis they maintain are in large numbers NON practicing Jews that believe that they are saved by their nationality and the majority do not read/pray scripture but infrequently read reflection books about the Talmud

Although it’s a position I don’t agree with (Israel /Zionism movement ) Robert Spencer’s perspective of the other side of this., more along the evangelical protestant notions

Israel: The Small, Great Country – On Robert Spencer’s Site Let us not forget that the Arabs rejected the UN Partition Plan of 1947 that would have already back then created a Palestinian state. The Arabs wanted war so that they could throw the Jews into the sea. But they failed. And so, the Arabs tried again, and again, and again, each time losing more and more territory to Israel.Only Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was smart enough to try a different approach, and managed to regain the Sinai Peninsula from Israel by offering peace. All Israel wants, surrounded as it is by 22 Arab countries, is to live quietly in its little corner of the Middle East.


In orthodox Catholicism both are paganism movements of invented religion that arose long after the old Covenant was abrogated and did not emerge in any form larger than small pockets of gypsy Jewish communities in Europe until the period after the French Revolution which theyused to piggy back on the rights of man above the rights of God movement  Like the jehovhas witnesses , hare krishnas, buddhism , hindusim and islam – all of it… including judaism… is the same religion… It’s ariansim , a pagan form of worship that denies the Son of God, denies his divinity and exclusivity in the salvation of man

Are the prophesies about the beginning of the end of days starting to be fulfilled

The Jews are flooding out of Europe, especially countries like France for the last 3 to 4 years, and now with the trickle of exodus from the UK beginning to break  into its own  flow to the palastine israel –Pretty soon Israel will need to expand at their borders, even though today they deny that they would ever do so. At the same time , Islam demands Israel’s destruction is mandated by the Quran

Are major wars not far off?

Europe is surrendering to massive muslim influx While Vatican II has ordered mainstream Catholicism’s surrender to a false ecumenism and a belief in universal salvation Catholics that remain in the old religion adherent to beliefs of infallible Catholicism are but a remnant , small minority of the Church while our hierarchy is completely infiltrated with clergy that are dissident to the teaching of the Church and infected with pro-homosexual ideology It is a crisis that many say is now exceeding the levels of the arian heresy of the early Church

See the evidence of what’s really going on through the eyes of another culture

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“In spite of the progress in the historical work on the Pharisees, preaching all over the Christian world continues to depict these Jewish teachers as xenophobes, elitists, legalists, lovers of money and moral hypocrites. Moreover, in general the term ‘Pharisee’ implies ‘Jew,’ since many Jews and Christians consider the Pharisees the precursors of rabbinic Judaism. Therefore, even when Christians use the term ‘Pharisee’ to denounce clericalism in ecclesial contexts, they do nothing but reinforce prejudice toward Jews.”


“The theological significance of the dialogue between Jews and Christians” Should be called the theological heresy of the dialogue between Jews and Christians

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