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Conciliar Catholicism – a new Church , not satisfied with liberation theology but accepting of Communism as a method to escape Capitalism has found its pinnacle in Pope Francis and the new Conciliar Catholicism.

From his studies of neo-Jesuitism and a student of revolutions both successful and failed he seeks to change the Church not by theological or doctrinal means which is impossible but by his steady psychological revolution targeted at Catholics he believes he can irreversible change the Church in a way that will affect the world’s governments . He fully udnerstands that another Pope could roll back much of what he has undermined to date Therefore he studies methods of irreversible change, most of all government forms of structure and restructure

He has a hatred of the United States form of government but respects its architects that were divided between freemasonic philosophies and liberal protestant Christianity that sought some merge of the two . As for the Catholic form of government that ruled the land in feudal times for centuries , a royal theocracy of the Catholic State,. he hates all the more. He sees Liberation Theology as the current mode to move toa  more Communist model in order to get to his new desired end which is a utopian unity of economies , immigration without borders , globalism , and pan-religion . The 1960s vision of the Council come to yet a new pinnacle of implementation. A mere product of the Council seeking to implement the Council in the ways he was taught in the Catholic revolution of the past half century. Women preaching the homily at Mass in 2020 and beyond ,  continuing to stream into the sanctuary and continuing to debase the sanctuary, and relativizing of Catholic doctrine & theology  are just a small part of the sub-revolution(s). As the historians have put it enough revolutions surpassed , then the geo- political redrafting eventually leads to world war.

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The spire of the cathedral of Paris has fallen: and this is no coincidence! Notre-Dame of Paris symbolizes the whole West, buckling and crumbling after turning away from God. It symbolizes the great temptation of Western Christians: no longer turned toward God, turning inward upon themselves, they are perishing. I am convinced that this civilization is living through its mortal hour. As once during the decline and fall of Rome, so today the elites care for nothing but increasing the luxury of their daily lives, and the people have been anaesthetized by ever more vulgar entertainments. As a bishop, it is my duty to warn the West: behold the flames of barbarism threaten you!


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St. Anthelm of Belley