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Photopost Corpus Christi Thursday Dbl 1st Class Feast @ Holy Innocents NYC

Holy Innocents NYC Is Called Out As A Bastion Of Restoration Of The Traditional Catholic Faith Within This Episode Of Dr. Taylor Marshal’s Show

Watch “Pope Francis and PanAmazonian Synod Plans Revealed #TnT Commentary” on YouTube


Watch The Exclusive Interview: Michael Voris With Dr. Taylor Marshall – On CMTV


Other Historic Corpus Christi Processions


Spiritual Battle in New Orleans: Rosary Rally Planned to Prayerfully Combat Pro-Abortion Fundraiser -Saturday June 22nd – See Catholic Family News For More Details


Is Chivalry Dead ? Only In Malta


The Revolution vs. The Counter Revolution


EXCLUSIVE FOR RORATE – Full Text of the Amazon Synod “Instrumentum Laboris” in English –


Drumbeats in the Amazon, and Not from the Natives – On Fatima Center


Vatican proclaims ‘Season of Creation’ to limit global warming | News | LifeSite


Why Priestly Celibacy? – Sacerdotalis Caelibatus – The American TFP


Will Pan-Amazonian Synod Result in End to Clerical Celibacy? On NC Register Pope 

Appointments announced today show the issue will be discussed, and could result in wide-ranging and concrete changes.


Exclusive The hopelessness of the city of man without God – Bishop Athanasius Schneider On Voice of the Family


Edward Pentin Covers The Paganism In The Synod Document 

Maybe not so evident to many is the fruit of the failure to denounce Pope Francis as a heretic and ask from him that he recants or be deposed. All the members of the hierarchy who have not done this are part of the problem, not of the solution.

The House Is Burning, And The Smoke Of Satan Is Charring The Church. | On Mundabor’s Blog


Amazonian Synod Goes Witchcraft, “Pagan Rituals To Fight Evil Spirits” – On gloria.tv

The TFP is down there in the trenches fighting for the traditional Catholic Faith 


Watch – Bergoglio Church’s Amazon Synod Propagates Returns to Paganism –On gloria.tv‘s News Breifs

The Chilean author José Antonio Ureta of the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute writes that the Instrumentum Laboris, the working paper, for the Amazon Synod shows a strong propensity toward a “deification of nature” which is promoted in UN environmental conferences since at least 1972. This neo-pagan UN agenda is now about to enter the Catholic Church.


THE POLITICAL POPE (By George Neumayr) – New Book /Review –  On The Remnant Newspaper


NJ Bishop Reassigns Gay Priest Caught in Risqué Photos Scandal – On CMTV

Bishop Serratelli promotes active homosexuals in his diocese


McCarrick Victim James Grein Testifies Before NJ Senate – On CMTV


Cardinal Burke Addresses the Clergy Scandal – On CMTV

Must address problem of homosexuality among bishops and cardinals


Vatican official praises Catholic media for coverage of sex abuse crisis – NCR

Msgr. John Kennedy heading the Vatican Office that reviews sec abuse cases – confirms the raging revolution in the Church’s clergy



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June 21 – He Was More Angel than Man – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Aloysius Gonzaga


Loyalty Trumps All Self-Interest in Count Raymond’s Military Counsel to the King – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Military Counsel to the King