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The Tribal Sub- revolution, liberation tbeology, the ultra radical ecological liberalism, and the ‘egalitarian’izing’ of the Priesthood 

For decades, Raoni has been fighting to preserve indigenous peoples and the Amazon rainforest. Over the years, he has counted on the support of important Western political leaders such as King Juan Carlos of Spain and French presidents François Mitterrandand Jacques Chirac. Well-known representatives of the avant-garde culture, like the singer Sting, have also taken up his cause. He is featured in the film, Raoni: The Fight for the Amazon, directed by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux.

While many concerns about the Amazon might be shared, Raoni’s struggle has always been dominated by those who hold ultra-radical ecological viewpoints. Such activists challenge the very foundation of a society based on development. They see the primitive Amazonian tribes as a model of “eco-sustainability.” Thus, they oppose any use of the Amazon that implies progress and reject the presence of whites in this area of the planet.


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Abp. Viganò Reaffirms Existence of Gay Mafia
Identifies Msgr. Walter Rossi as a member. 


Blatant omission in Crux article on Notre Dame 1st Mass

#1 The first Mass was offered Ad Orientum !

Secondly the Paris Archbishop in his full length sermon on the intentions for Notre Dame and the structure of Christ , himself fails to state that both the Catehdral and the Chapel in which they were offering Mass were specifically designed to offer the chanted /sung Traditional Latin Mass

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Revolution and Counter-Revolution – Historic overview by Atila S. Guimaraes

The Revolution’s Essence Is To Subvert The Kingship Of Christ


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