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Pope Francis Slams Traditional Catholics During Visit to Romania – On CMTV 

The Pope also asked Catholics to pray for the future of the European Union. Francis said the European Union is in danger of being “overcome by pessimism,” a jab at the recent in gains for populist parties in elections across the continent.


Full text of Pope Francis’ in-flight press conference from Romania and the heretical highlights below

The Pope calls for a uniting of pan- ecumenism religion and Italian liberal politics

Pope Francis  “ When they killed Christians they did not ask: Are you Catholic? Are you Orthodox? Are you Lutheran? No, [they asked] are you Christian! And the blood mixed together”  ( This proposition  was formerly condemned by at least a half dozen Popes )

The Pope then promoted communal worship

Pope Francis The Catholic archbishop should have come to the Vatican Sunday evening and he called to say that he would arrive Monday morning. When he arrived he told me: “Sorry, but yesterday the Lutheran archbishop should have gone to one of their meetings and he asked me to please go to his cathedral and lead the worship.” This is fraternity, to arrive to this much…

The Pope again calls traditional Catholics erred fundamentalists

Pope Francis  “ the people should not pray in Latin, as we witnessed them do in public nor be more orthodox that their leaders”

Pope Francis “I will tell you something confidential. I did not remain in silence. I prayed the Our Father in Italian — [aside] also you, okay — and I saw during the Our Father service the major part of people were praying, both in Romanian and in Latin. The people go beyond us leaders. We leaders must make diplomatic balances to ensure that we go together, there are habits, diplomatic rules that it is good to keep, so that things do not get ruined.”

The Pope portends to political ignorance and adherence to no particular political party  or ideology !

Pope Francis “ Truly, if I… there is a third element. I confess I am ignorant of this and I do not understand Italian politics. And true, I should study it. I do not understand it — to give an opinion on attitudes of an electoral campaign of one of the parties, without information, would be very unwise on my part. “

The pope seems to be referring to photos of Matteo Salvini at a recent political rally in Milan]

Pope Francis  “I have confessed many times that I only read two newspapers: the newspaper of the party, that is, L’Osservatore Romano, this I read (it would be nice for you all to read it, because there are very interesting interpretations in it. And also things there that I tell you.) The newspaper of the (radical liberal ) party Il Messaggero.

Pope concludes by quoting an Argentine poet he likes so much to which we whole heartedly agree : Pope Francis   “All that our tree has comes from that which is underground.”


Where are we headed next – Prophets and Signs And Wonders are not needed to see where we are all rapidly headed in the next Phase of the revolution

 The Barbarism of the West Causes Tribalism by Gonzalo Larrain Campbell – On TIA

In the third part of Revolution and Counter Revolution written in 1976 – that is, 32 years after the first text – Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira explains in detail the prediction he made in 1944. Analyzing the internal transformation through which the Third Revolution (Communism) passed, he affirms that the dictatorship of the proletariat is not the end of the revolutionary process. (3) And he predicts the birth of the Fourth Revolution [Tribalism]. 


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