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As Ink Dries on Figueiredo Report, Papal Ally Questions Author’s Character & Motives – OnePeterFive


Anatomy of a Vatican II Huckster: Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga — On Catholic Family News

Maradiaga presents the classic neo-Modernist theme that the Church finally rediscovered her true nature at Vatican II and will regain the right path under the inspired leadership of Bergoglio, bearer of the gnosis of renewal. Herewith some pertinent quotations with my comments:“The Second Vatican Council …  meant an end to the hostilities between the Church and modernism [!], which was condemned in the First Vatican Council [!].”There we have it! A frank admission by the “Vice-Pope” that the adepts of Vatican II, now led by Pope Bergoglio, view the Council as an embrace of the very thing the Magisterium has infallibly condemned, not only at Vatican I but in Saint Pius X’s monumental anti-Modernist encyclical Pascendi, wherein we read that the Modernists are “the most pernicious of all the adversaries of the Church.


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Bennevacantism just doesn’t fly .A student of Avignon history sees that if it were true the Church is over today 

Instead Roman Catholicism teaches that the Church always restores itself !


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