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Eco-Socialism Has Arrived – IMAGINE THAT! Top Vatican Cardinal Urges “Intervention” Against Climate Change –On The Remnant Newspaper


Six Characteristics of True Environmental Stewardship – American TFP


Why Integral Ecology Will Destroy Civilization – By Guido Vignelli  On The American TFP

The Ecological Paradigm Shift


This Was the Most Dangerous Woman in America – The American TFP


MMT: The Latest Liberal Economic Fantasy – The American TFP


The Agony of Venezuela :The Toll of ‘21st Century Socialism’ by Toby Westerman


Pope Francis: Chinese bishops know they ‘must be good patriots’ to Communist regime | News | LifeSite


Chinese Catholics to suffer worst persecution world has ever seen: An Expert Speaks | News | LifeSite


The Pope Franics agreement with the Catholic Church of China seems to be working out great 24 Catholic churches to be razed in Chinese diocese  Priests say all belong to official not underground church

CHINA – VATICAN Handan, Shen Liu church demolition begins. The destruction of 23 more churches is scheduled (VIDEO)


It Is Dangerous to Trade With Chinese God-Haters – On Crisis Magazine


Chuck Schumer Backs Donald Trump in China Trade Talk Escalation – On Breitbart


Villanova professor to give lecture justifying Antifa violence | On The College Fix


Watch – Marxist Infiltration of the Church | On CMTV ‘s Mic’d Up Show


The witness of Solzhenitsyn – The Center for the Restoration of Christian Culture


Citizen Yang and the Democrats’ Totalitarian Temptation — Catholic Family News Communism


Pope Francis honors the most anti-Communist warrior the Church ever had among its prelates but yet says contradictory things on Communism illustrating the Jesuit theology’s overthrow of Aquinas non-contradiction

i.e. There can be multiple truths in contradiction simultaneously true for each individual person

The Memory of Cardinal Mindszenty Honored at the Vatican – On FSSPX.News


A BRIEF HISTORY of the NEW WORLD ORDER: Part III Specialism – On The Remnant Newspaper

The secular corporate rich that replaced the morality and Christianity of the nobility believed that the creation of Socialism and a new world order would give them something even their money couldn’t’ buy . international power over the world


Why Does the Pope Hate the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy? (Mainly because he’s winning and defeating Socialism and Liberation theology ) – On The Remnant Newspaper


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While many reflections are posted today for the double 1st class Feast of Ascension Thursday – It is naturally suppressed this year but not to be forgotten Warrior Female Saint of the Francs

St. Joan of Arc, St. Jeanne d’Arc, Plinio Correa de Oliveira commentary on the Saint of the Day, May 30